Extend your dealership’s hours..at least on the phones

More Business is Done After Business Hours

Did you know that more business is done after “business hours” than during them? Think about it, a large majority of your future car buyers are working when you are working. They leave the office late afternoon and that’s when they get around to doing their research on the car they want to buy. If they see something they like at your dealership, they’ll probably try to contact you by phone, Facebook chat, or by filling out a form on your website for you to respond to the next day. 

What you don’t know is that responding to after-hour inbound leads the next day drops your connection rate to 12% and your close rate to 6%. Why is that? Well, during that time that you haven’t answered, your leads are also reaching out to competitor dealerships in the area, some of which may respond before you do. 

Solution: A Dedicated BDC Team

So how can we fix this? How can we make sure we are capitalizing on every lead without incurring the costs of extending your working hours? Our suggestion to this would be BDC (Business Development Center). For those of you that aren’t familiar with BDC, it is simply a separate department in a dealership that is responsible for handling inbound calls for appointments and making outbound calls to potential customers. BDC reps can work different shifts to make sure your dealership is handling calls and scheduling appointments around the call. 

With a BDC structure in place, you can be guaranteed that every call will be answered and every inbound lead will be called back in minutes.

Benefits of Outsourcing your BDC Services

Other than the obvious benefit of BDC being a less expensive and more effective solution to extending your dealership hours, here are a few other benefits of choosing a BDC provider like V12Software.

  1. Your dealership can now be open 24hrs a day, and on weekends and holidays too.
  2. Your BDC reps can follow up on your leads up to 14x over the course of 90 days.
  3. You don’t have to worry about the cost and time it takes to hire and train your BDC team.
  4. All your calls will be tracked and all the leads will be recorded so that you can clearly see the return on investment of your BDC.


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