What is an Automotive Business Development Center?

With more internet shoppers reaching out to various auto dealerships to find the best car deal in the market, dealerships are trying to keep up and make sure they have the resources to respond and answer to these leads in a short time frame.

Today, car shoppers start their relationships with dealers online, with a form submission, a call, a quote request, a comment on a Facebook post, an Instagram message…etc. To ensure that you don’t miss a potential customer, all leads should be funneled to a particular team at the dealership that’s sole responsibility is to answer and follow up on these leads. That is precisely what a BDC team does. 

What is an Automotive BDC?

BDC stands for Business Development Center, or what we refer to as the Automotive BDC. The main efforts of the BDC is to increase sales by (1) answering all inbound leads that come to a dealership from every channel, (2) booking dealership visits or test drives, and (3) following up on leads that they have trouble reaching. The BDC team is a crucial piece of the sales cycle for a dealership as it is where most leads convert into appointments. 

Automotive BDC Main Responsibilities

  1. Be the first touchpoint of online and phone leads for the dealership.
  2. Answering every inbound dealership call both during working hours and after hours.
  3. Conduct outbound calls for inbound leads that come into the dealership.
  4. Answer any questions a lead might have about the dealership or a vehicle of interest
  5. And most importantly, convert leads into visits to the dealership by scheduling appointments 

On average a dealership can close 1 out of 3 people that come to the dealership. A BDC helps build the dealership bottom line by increasing the daily foot traffic that comes into the dealership for a test-drive. Having a well-structured lead response and follow up strategy is the fastest way you can up your dealership’s average daily appointments.



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