VISION EQXX 620-Mile Range: Did Mercedes just revolutionize electric car reliability?




[2 Minute Read]┃Author: Zack┃March 23, 2022


Mercedes started their first week of 2022 with a very bold claim. An electric car concept with a 620-mile range. Yep, the Vision EQXX can go more than 1,000 kilometers on a single charge.


The new concept comes with a lot of head-turning features, let’s break them down:


  • • 621 Miles of Range.
  • • Fast Charging.
  • • Solar Panels Roof.
  • • Vegan-friendly, Recycled Materials.
  • • 8K, 47.5” Infotainment Screen.
  • • Low 204hp Output.
  • • Slow 7.0 Second 0-60 Performance.


How did Mercedes achieve all of this?


OThe EQXX’ battery holds 100kWh of energy, slightly less than what’s in the EQS, but the battery pack itself is 30% lighter and 50% smaller.


The new electric concept has a drag coefficient of just 0.17. With that, the German car manufacturer just broke their own record for the world’s most aerodynamic production vehicle, the EQS.


Mercedes says that cars use about 2 thirds of their energy just to push the air out of the way, that’s why they’ve made the concept car as aerodynamic as possible. And to give you even more range, the car comes with a mounted solar panel roof that can add 15 miles of extra range per day, so long weather allows it.


The interior of the car is made from 100% vegan materials. This includes fake leather that’s been made from polyurethane and crushed cactus fibers. Other materials include mushroom roots, synthetic silk, bamboo fiber, and recycled plastic bottles.




The design of the car is one that talks of itself. The EQXX looks like a car that was driven by 007 or by your favorite supervillain. The car is relatively small, in fact, its wheelbase is even smaller than that of the C-Class.


The back of the car is the most unforgettable part as its long tail looks very serious and dangerous.




The new Vision EQXX is not going on sale any time soon. In fact, it’s not going on sale at all.


To learn more about a vehicle that’s definitely going to be hitting the streets, check out our coverage of the DeLorean Alpha5 EV.


Mercedes says the technology it packs, including its drive-train and battery technologies, is going to be used in upcoming cars that will be released as early as 2024.


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