Benefits of Video Marketing for Dealerships

Four Benefits of Video Marketing

To set yourself apart from other dealerships, your dealership should become the go-to resource for car ownership related content.
To do this, you need quality content that captures your target audience’s attention. That’s where video marketing comes in. 

How your dealership can benefit from video marketing?

1. Higher Social Growth and Engagement
Video content drives 5x more engagement than static images. This means that your social media followers and website visitors are more likely to comment and share your video content versus an image. Engagement with your social media posts can help your content reach a wider organic audience on social which increases your brand’s awareness.

2. Increases Audience Knowledge and Brand Recognition

The average viewer remembers 95% of the messages they watch versus 10% of the messages they read. Watching a video will not only help your audience learn more about your business, but it will increase the chances they remember you and come back to visit you. 

3. Increases Website Traffic and Decreases Bounce Rates 

With the right keywords and descriptions, your videos can also contribute to the strength of your Google ranking. What’s more, visitors spend 88% more time on a website that has video. This means that video content can help draw in more traffic and decrease your website bounce rates. 

4. Increases your Dealership Car Sales


of consumers find that watching a video impacts their decision-making process.


of car shoppers have shared that videos influenced their shopping habits.


of car shoppers have performed an action after watching a video.

Sharing informative walkthrough videos of your existing inventory can strongly impact the likelihood that a car shopper opts to visit your dealership over competitors. These walkthrough videos can be posted on your Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram pages. 



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