With the slight drop in website traffic and the extra time on our hands, it is a perfect time to edit and work on your dealership website! Below are some of the action items you can get started on today to improve your car dealership website.

Google Analytics – How can you improve your top exited pages? 

When was the last time you took a minute to look at your google analytics pages report? Take a look at the exit and bounce rate for the last 3-6 months. Take a moment to observe those pages as if you were a potential customer who just landed on the page. Does the page have relevant content? Are there any CTAs that direction the visitor to take another action on the site? 

Once you have an idea of how the pages can be improved, make sure you take action on updating those pages, either yourself or by reaching out to your website host. 

Google Analytics – How can you optimize your most visited pages?

Make sure you also take a look at your top-visited website pages? Are there ways you can optimize them to convert more? Do these pages include strong CTAs? Updating the content on your most visited pages can have a strong impact on your conversions, which means more success! 

Dealership Photos – How old are they? 

How frequently do you update your dealership photos on your website? Chances are some of the photos might be a little old or outdated. Your website should include well-marked images of different sections within your dealership, the front of your dealership, service lanes, service lounge, showroom, etc. First impressions are important, so take this time to make sure your website clearly portrays the experience your customers will be getting at your dealership. 

Tip: If you’re making updates to your dealership photos on your website, take an extra step to make the update on your Google My Business page, Facebook Business page, and any other online channel that your customers are typically visiting. 

Service & Parts – Do you have a landing page for them? 

Does your dealership sell parts online? Does your website accurately reflect the services that you are currently offering? If not, this is the time to update those pages and make sure your website includes all the services your dealership offers. 

COVID-19 Updates – Are they mentioned on your website? 

What measures has your dealership put in place to guarantee the safety of its customers from the coronavirus? Make sure your customers can find this information on your website. 

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