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Understanding the car-buying path to purchase online

Having a well established digital car sales funnel is key to establishing a high performing car dealership. Why? Because the most common customer paths to purchasing a vehicle are digital. 90% of car buyer journeys happen on a digital device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This means that having a strong online presence is vital for your dealership’s

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Stock up on inventory as car buyer confidence rises

As consumer confidence is beginning to come back to normal and the outlook on the auto industry is improving day by day, auto dealers are starting to find themselves with another challenge…diminishing inventory. Since vehicle factories have been either closed or running at low capacity for the last few months, many car dealerships are worried that they might have trouble

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Post-COVID Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

Despite the fact that many car shoppers are bunkered up at home during this quarantine, they are online more than ever, and data is showing that they are actively researching cars. The demand for cars that existed prior to the lockdown has not disappeared. Most potential customers are waiting for COVID-19 to die down before they go back to their

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Memorial Day Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

  May has historically proven to be among the most active months for car shopping. And while consumers are definitely being more careful about how they are spending their money during this period, we’re forecasting a surge in car shopping activity as Memorial Day approaches. According to Google data, 52% of auto buyers say that this pandemic has not changed

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Use this downtime to revamp your dealership website!

With the slight drop in website traffic and the extra time on our hands, it is a perfect time to edit and work on your dealership website! Below are some of the action items you can get started on today to improve your car dealership website. Google Analytics – How can you improve your top exited pages?  When was the

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