Create a good and positive digital footprint.

Build you presence on Facebook.

The shift to mobile has changed the relationship between consumers and brands. Facebook, one of the two of the world’s most used and engaged social networks, can help you build meaningful connections with the people interested in your products or services.

V12 helps you create a presence on Facebook by automating the process.

Improve SEO with YouTube

Many dealerships are still focusing SEO efforts on their websites while there are other ways to boost search results, especially since results are now comprised of all kinds of content, including videos, images, maps, business listings, tweets and Facebook page posts.

To boost  your SEO efforts without breaking the bank, we recommend  creating a YouTube channel.

Every video posted on your channel will be tagged and indexed, which in turn will increase the odds your dealership will appear in natural searches when someone searches for your dealership.

V12 makes creating your own channel pretty easy and will automate the updating process.

Build you presence on Instagram

Instagram is the number one social media platform where people share and discover new places, products, and experiences.

Instagram users voluntarily connect with brands on Instagram and engage on Instagram 10x more than Facebook, 54x more than Pinterest, and 84x more than Twitter.

On the flip side, 70% of brands have accounts on Instagram, because when people follow a brand, they are more likely to take action.

What about you ? Is your dealership on Instagram ?

V12 will not only help you to be on Instagram, we will help you create a digital presence on Instagram by automating the process.

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