Selling Used Cars On Facebook: The Full Tutorial!


sell cars on facebook


[4 Minute Read] ┃ Author: FZ ┃ June 2, 2022


When looking to buy a car, 80% of shoppers will visit your dealership’s Facebook page for 1 of 3 reasons: to read about other people’s experiences, to see your inventory or to simply learn more about your dealership.


This makes Facebook a very important social platform to advertise your dealership on.


Using Facebook to connect with a larger pool of potential buyers will boost your conversions and help you sell cars quicker.


But how can you sell cars on Facebook?



There are different ways your dealership can benefit from Facebook, let’s break them down!



1. How To Post Vehicles On Your Dealership’s Facebook Page:


As a car dealer, you can share your inventory directly on your dealership’s Facebook page under the “Vehicles” tab. This will help you increase your online presence and will keep your car buyers updated on your offers and inventory.


To get even more eyes on your vehicles, you can customize the primary CTA on your Facebook page to make it say “View Inventory”.


To get started, go to your dealership’s Facebook page (make sure you are logged in);


    • 1.  Make sure your page is categorized as “Car Dealership” or “Automotive Dealership”.
    • 2.  Select the Manage Inventory tab.
    • 3.  Select Create New Listing.
    • 4.  Enter the vehicle’s VIN or provide details about your listing such as: Photos, Make, Model, Mileage and Price.
    • 5.  Select where your listing will appear. It will automatically show in the Vehicles tab on your dealership’s Facebook Page, but you can also show your listing in certain groups on Facebook.
    • 6.  Select Publish.



sell cars on facebook



Too many steps? Let us automate it for you!


Find out how you can put your social media on autopilot.


2. How To List Your Cars On Facebook Marketplace:


Another way to showcase your inventory is by listing your vehicles on Facebook Marketplace.


Facebook Marketplace has 180+ million users in the US alone, listing your cars there is a very profitable way to generate more leads.


To add your inventory to Facebook Marketplace:


    • 1.  Make sure you’re an admin on your dealership’s Facebook page.
    • 2.  Go to Facebook Marketplace.
    • 3.  Select + Create New Listing.
    • 4.  Select Vehicle for Sale.
    • 5.  Select your name/identity and choose the Facebook Page you’d like to associate with your listing.
    • 6.  Add details about your listing and images.
    • 7.  Select Next.
    • 8.  Select Marketplace and choose any groups where you want the listing to appear.


sell cars on facebook


Despite Facebook discontinuing mass listings for car dealerships on Marketplace, there are some platforms that still do it automatically!


V12Software offers a desktop app that automatically lists all your used cars on Facebook Marketplace!


Learn more about Facebook Marketplace automation.


3. How To Share Your Vehicles On Automotive Groups In Your Area:


Facebook groups are a direct line to your car buyers, and joining them is a great way to take your relationship with your customers to the next level.


When you’re involved in your local group conversations, you’ll understand what car buyers are worried about before they buy a vehicle. Having this information will help you better position your dealership to best meet your buyers’ expectations.


If you’re not a member of any Facebook group yet, no worries! You can find local groups on Facebook by just typing keywords like “sell cars near me” in the Facebook search bar.


On your quest to join as many groups as you can, make sure you’re joining the most active ones. Always check the number of members on that group and how many posts they share per day.


sell cars on facebook



4. How To Boost Your Car Posts On Your Dealership Page:


Boosting your car posts on Facebook is a great way to increase your visibility and bring more eyes to your vehicles.


To boost your posts:


    • 1.  Go to your Facebook Page.
    • 2.  Find the post you want to boost.
    • 3.  Select Boost Post.
    • 4.  Choose a Goal or let Facebook select the most relevant goal based on your settings.
    • 5. Select a recommended budget or provide a custom budget.
    • 6.  Select one of the suggested time frames or provide a specific end date.
    • 7.  Review your payment method.
    • 8.  Select Boost post now.


Boosting your posts is not the only way to advertise your vehicles on Facebook. You can actually run Facebook ads for your entire inventory.


Learn more about Automotive Inventory Ads and how they can help you grow your sales!


And because we are passionate about advertising, we brought to you data-driven insights on how crazy effective Facebook ads are!


Facebook provides car dealers with different types of ads:


    • –  Static image ads.
    • –  Dynamic carousel ads.
    • –  Video ads.


And many more.


In fact, carousel ads are the most popular type in the automotive industry, as they increase conversions by up to 250%.


If you want to run carousel ads for your dealership, the first thing you need to do is linking your inventory to your Facebook page. 


With carousel ads, you can display up to 10 vehicles at once. These ads are dynamic, which means that every time a vehicle is sold, it’s removed automatically from the carousel.


To get the most out of your ads, use Facebook lead forms. Your car buyers will be prompted to fill out a form with their contact information instead of clicking through a VDP.


This makes it a lot easier for car buyers to reach you, or for you to contact them and schedule a test drive for example.


For even better results, you can add a qualifying question such as “When are you planning on buying a vehicle?” and then provide a dropdown list with the following options:


    • –  In the next few days.
    • –  In the next few weeks.
    • –  In the next few months.


To advertise your vehicles you need to be Facebook savvy to make sure your ads are well set and are high-performing.


V12Software / DelaersDigital has a team of highly experienced traffic managers who can run and optimize your Facebook campaigns to ensure your cars are displayed in front of only the most interested buyers.




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