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This Is How Car Dealers Sell Cars Like Crazy On Black Friday


sell more cars on black friday


[5 Minute Read] ┃ Author: FZ┃ November 16, 2022


Black Friday is right around the corner, and it’s arguably the biggest day for dealers to sell more cars. According to Edmunds, Black Friday weekend alone accounts for 15% of November car sales, which raises the stakes even more for dealerships. 


Needless to say that competition on Black Friday is considerably merciless. With many car dealers trying to draw customers’ attention towards their inventory, it’s becoming hard for dealers to set themselves apart from the competition.


But don’t worry! We put together five battle-tested strategies you can follow to get the most out of Black Friday season and beat your competition.


Let’s dive in, shall we? 


          1- Build Anticipation Among Car Buyers


Did you know that 61% of car shoppers wait for a holiday to buy their next vehicle. This way they can take advantage of the deals and discounts dealers offer on the day after Thanksgiving. This is a huge opportunity for your dealership to sell more cars.


So, what do you need to do? 


First, don’t wait for Black Friday to advertise your deals. Instead, build suspense and anticipation way before the actual event. 


How? It’s quite simple.


The first place you begin with is your website. Many car buyers will be visiting it to check out what type of promos and discounts you’re offering for the occasion. 


To convert most of that traffic, you can: 


    • –  Create themed banners for Black Friday and display them on your website.
    • –  Add pop-ups that feature your Black Friday promos.
    • –  Offer special prices on your inventory.


And of course, share teasers about your special offers on your social media accounts.


Below are examples of a website banner and online ads specific for Back Friday. Make sure everything you do is optimized for mobile users as well. 


sell more cars on black friday



          2- Run Black Friday Themed Ads


The next thing you should do is advertising your Black Friday promos. This way, car buyers in your area have enough time to see your ads and plan out their visit to your dealership. 


Where should you advertise your dealership? 


Google and Facebook are the best platforms out there for running ads. You can run: 


    • –  Display ads on Google for more traffic.
    • –  Lead generation ads on Facebook where shoppers leave their information.
    • –  Video ads on YouTube as teasers for the deals you’re offering.


sell more cars on black friday


          3- Emails Are Always A Good Idea


Many car buyers who are in the market for their next vehicle learn about new offers and promos through their emails. 


With that being said, sending out email campaigns can be an effective way to spread the word about what your dealership has to offer to car buyers for Black Friday.


You can send 3 to 4 emails during the week before your Black Friday sales actually begin. This will remind car buyers of your dealership without bombarding their inbox.


Here’s an example of a Black Friday promo email that you can send out to your lists.


sell more cars on black friday



          4- Remember Your Referrals


One way to increase your Black Friday sales is by encouraging referrals. How? By giving referral-based discounts. 


Spice things up by creating a multi-level referral program in which you give your past customers different incentives based on the number of new shoppers they refer to your dealership. You can go all the way from free oil changes to actually offering them cash on each car they helped you sell. 


And to give it a little bit of a push, you can promote your referral program on social media or through running ads.



          5- Extend Your Deals


Many Black Friday sales last the whole weekend, and not extending your Black Friday sales past Black Friday may as well cost you sales. 


Because of this, your dealership will fall behind competitors who offer extended deals and discounts. For the same reason, you may also want to consider starting to offer your dealership’s Black Friday deals as early as the beginning of Thanksgiving week. 



Black Friday weekend is usually hectic, but it is a huge opportunity for your dealership to sell more cars. Take advantage of the following few days to prepare your staff and customers to make the most of it! 


Don’t know where to start? Give us a call at (650) 264-7556 or schedule a quick free marketing session here!




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