Sell more cars by improving your lead response strategy !

A study conducted by Digital Air Strike found that 64% of car dealerships don’t respond to leads on Facebook, with only 14% of dealerships providing generic information despite being asked specific vehicle questions.

Did you know about 1.3 billion consumers use Facebook’s Messenger app as a direct line to a business’s customer service and sales departments? It is even more relevant now that Facebook Marketplace allows pre-owned inventory to automatically be showcased to consumers closest to your business.

It has become imperative to increase responsiveness and manage customer inquiries on Facebook in order to boost your sales and customer engagement.

It’s important for your auto dealership to incorporate lead response best practices in order to outshine the competition. We have an app for that!

1. Respond to every lead.

Connect with auto buyers and provide a professional response to every sales inquiry you receive, including car shoppers looking at vehicles you’ve listed on Facebook Marketplace. If shoppers take the time to reach out, they deserve a response. Give every shopper lease and finance options for multiple vehicles, not just the one they inquired about!

2. Respond quickly.

Your lead response time should be in minutes – not hours!

Studies show internet shoppers who receive a response within 10 minutes, are three times more likely to visit the dealership. Contact leads right away – at their highest point of interest!

3. Personalize the response.

Customizing your response will make customers feel more important. Buying a car is a big decision, so you want them to know you have their best interest in mind.

Your responses to leads should always include:

  • Dealer’s name.
  • The dealership’s (or company’s) name, logos, and taglines.
  • A salesperson’s name, photo, and direct phone number.
  • A strong call to action – tell them what to do next!

4. Respond professionally.

Professional responses put the car buyer in a good mood and help instill a sense of trust in your business. Adding video to your email, showcasing the vehicle or even your showroom, can make you stand out from the competition and provide something visually attracting and appealing to the customer.

5. Have an After-Hours Game Plan!

Up to 40% of leads are generated after hours.

Does your dealership currently have a process or technology to personalize responses to customer inquiries after hours? If it doesn’t, it should, and we can do this for you!

6. Make your dealership availabe to customers 24/7

Use our multiple options to connect with car shoppers, text, live, emails, etc. Allow customers to text your dealership. Increased engagement will result in increased sales! Now, you can integrate all of these tools on your website to increase your sales.

Now that you’re familiar with lead response best practices, let us know when you’re ready to sell more cars and outsmart your competitors.

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