Maximize your online exposure with customer reviews

71% of car buyers today check out dealerships online before they actually go visit it.

Knowing that, dealerships need to work on building their online reputation. How? (You’ll probably ask). The answer is testimonials and happy stories from happy clients. These will not come in on their own. You need to actively encourage your clients to write about you and put in place a system that automatically requests your clients to write about you and the experience they had while purchasing a car from you. Most of them, if reminded, will gladly provide you with a short review.

The second step to building up your online reputation is to monitor it. Anytime anywhere someone says something about you, you want to know. If the feedback is positive, let your team know, so that you can do more of these good karma things and thank the reviewer. If the feedback is negative, find out why and make sure that it does not happen again. Once you do, contact the reviewer and make it right. Most often, when you make it right, the reviewer will remove the bad review or alter it.

Like we say it here, all you’ve got online is your reputation.

That’s why you need a simple platform to help you:

    • Build a strong online presence and maximize your exposure,
    • Update your dealership information and your specials on a regular basis to engage clients,
    • Check your business contact details is right on the web
    • Monitor your online exposure and postings from one point of access,
    • Monitor your e-reputation by collecting everything that is being said about your business, on Google reviews, Yahoo reviews, etc
    • Make your business show up in search results when people look for local car dealerships or for your available car models.

Do you want to dominate your local market?

V12 Software will make sure your competitors don’t stand a chance. For many dealers, local marketing is a game-changer. A local marketing effort can generate huge sales when done right.

Our team of local marketing gurus will get to know you, your business, what makes you different from other dealers, and display the right information and image of your dealership.

This video will help you better understand digital solutions for car dealers developed by V12 Software.


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