How to make your dealership stand out!

make your dealership stand out

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You are NOT a Car Dealer!


Most car dealers think they’re in the car business, and they’re wrong!


People don’t just buy cars. They buy a solution to their problem. If everyone just bought a car for the sake of having one, then we would all be driving the same identical boring car.


In fact, car buying is a very long process that usually only takes place to celebrate certain milestones or career developments. This means that before buying a car, people go through a lot of research and are very picky about which one to buy and where they buy it from.


You need to make buyers choose you over your competitors.


To stand out from every other dealership in your town or even state, you must be different.


How can you do that exactly?


Step 1: Find What Makes Your Dealership Unique.


The first step is very straightforward. Look at your past clients and answer these questions:



  • •   What did they like about your dealership?
  • •   What did they dislike about other dealerships?


You can contact them and directly ask them these questions. Most satisfied buyers will gladly answer your questions.


There are more ways to know who your customers are and what they exactly expect from your dealership. Find out more in the “7 Ways to Double Sales in 90 Days” free ebook.


From our experience working with dealers, there are numerous reasons why people choose their dealership over all other competitors. Here are some of them:


  • •   Largest selection of a type of vehicle (pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans, sports cars,…)
  • •   Largest selection of a car brand (most Jaguars, most VWs, most Jeeps,…)
  • •   Best warranty plans
  • •   Bad credit financing
  • •   No credit financing (Buy Here Pay Here)
  • •   Lowest prices ever (Offer guarantee)
  • •   Best customer experience
  • •   Online paperwork
  • •   Delivery straight to your door
  • •   7-day money-back guarantee


These are just some examples. Maybe your dealership has one of these competitive points over all others. Maybe you have something completely different. Whatever it is, your past clients are going to help you find it.


Want to appeal to shoppers before they even buy from you? Offer them free guides in the form of a lead magnet!


Step 2: Focus Your Marketing on your Specialty.


Now that you’ve figured out what makes your dealership stand out, all you have to do is focus your marketing on it.


Because if you highlight everything your dealership offers, you’ll confuse your customers



Let’s take one of our dealers, for example. His name is Jon. He has the biggest selection of classic cars.


Jon does occasionally accept trade-ins, has financing options, and some of his cars come with a limited warranty. However, since none of this is the main focus of his dealership, and certainly not the focus of his primary buyers, he doesn’t mention any of them in his ads.


Jon’s main specialty is classic cars, and that’s how he advertises his dealership.


One of his ads says: “Largest Classics Collection in 50 States”. So, when people read his offer, they know that he’s the go-to dealer if they’re looking for any classic car.


We always ask our dealers, why do their customers buy from them? Finding an answer to that question is the first step into doubling their sales. Read more on this, plus 6 more secrets in “7 Ways to Double Sales in 90 Days” ebook.


Get your free copy today and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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