Make the Web your Own Auto Classifieds

Make the Whole Web your own Auto Classifieds

Back in the 1950s, in order to ensure you had a steady amount of sales per month, car dealerships used to open up their dealership in a high-traffic corner lot and people in their area would walk in when it was time to buy a car. Shortly after, new and used car dealerships started to rely on listing their cars in local newspapers to get the word out about what’s on their lot.

With the rise of the internet in the early 2000s, posting on online classifieds evolved into the primary marketing channel that dealers rely on to reach online car shoppers.

While classifieds are still an effective marketing channel to generate leads, more and more dealers have realized the same way you can’t just showcase your vehicles on a lot hoping people will talk by and show interest, it’s no longer enough to list your vehicles on classifieds and wait for shoppers to reach out.

In today’s market, if you want to sell more cars, you have to showcase your cars where buyers are instead of waiting for them to look for you.

To increase the number of sales, especially in this time of pandemic, dealers need to be more proactive in their sales approach by making the whole web their own auto classifieds.

What that means is dealers need to make it easier for car shoppers to discover and buy their cars by reaching them with their vehicles whenever and wherever they are online. This can be done with online ads!

Dealers that are making the whole web their own auto classifieds are finding that not only are they generating more leads but they are also closing more of the leads they’re getting.

Learn more about how you can make the whole web your own auto classifieds!

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