Is your dealership ready for voice search?

There’s no doubt voice search is changing our lives. In fact, many predict that by 2020, more than half of the searches will be voice searches.

When doing a voice search, car buyers would tend to talk to the search engine the same way they would speak to a car dealer.

Another important point is that the majority of voice searches will be coming from mobile phones or tablet devices, having a website that is mobile optimized.

The way people use the internet as part of the car buying process is changing all the time, and you need to ensure that your car dealership website increases your leads and sales. That’s why our Dealer Websites are truly mobile.

Let’s think about the most influential companies, it should be easy to see that they are ALL IN with voice search technology.

If you think that voice search is still WAY off… consider the fact that mobile search took over desktop search in only about 5 years. We started watching this mobile search trend closely as far back as 2011. By 2015, we noticed mobile search and mobile visits had surpassed desktop. So, voice search may just be the next “big thing’.

Voice search will help you drive more dealership visits. It is 3 times more likely to be local than text search. Now, you have the chance to leapfrog any competitors that aren’t preparing today for the voice search.

Need help activating voice search on your website? Speak with our team today.

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