Is your dealership on Instagram?

If you’re not using Instagram to share pictures of your inventory and increase your sales, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

In the past year, we’ve seen several dealerships jump into Instagram as part of their overall digital strategy. Indeed, Instagram is one of the best mediums to share visuals of vehicles.

In June 2018 Instagram announced it had hit the 1 billion users. 80% of users follow a business on Instagram. It could be your business! When buyers follow your car dealership, they are more likely to take action.

Some of our dealers wanted to reach out to all auto buyers, not just their current or past clients. With V12’s Ad360 Digital Advertising, your ads will reach anyone that is currently looking to purchase a car. We display your ads on multiple networks and one of these networks is the Facebook Network. Instagram and Facebook are connected, meaning if you’re advertising on Facebook you have the option to advertise on Instagram too. As such, it’s easier to target your audience based on Facebook data and we take care of all the budgeting,  scheduling tasks, the setup and the creation of ads so you don’t have to.

Ad360 allows you to advertise on Instagram EFFORTLESSLY and sell more cars!

If you haven’t joined yet, this is the perfect time to start.

And yes! There is no better way to share your dealership’s visuals than with Instagram.

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