Increase your online visibility with content marketing

Capture Online Car Shoppers with Content Marketing

When buying a new car, consumers are not only in search of the best deal or the vehicle that will get them from point A to point B, they are also in search of a vehicle and brand that matches their personality and their lifestyle. Each consumer is looking for their own personalized auto experience. While pricing competitively is important, consumers base their purchase decisions on multiple factors including the emotional connection they establish with a brand.

Auto marketers need to adapt to this need by creating relatable and valuable content that will help consumers connect with their brand. Developing tailored content campaigns based on consumer interests helps dealerships establish stronger relationships with their target buyers. 

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is creating and promoting valuable content tailored to a target audience with the purpose of brand likability and purchase consideration. By sharing quality content on your dealership website, consumers will have an easier time finding you online. This will lead to more visits to your website and thus, more eyes on your inventory. 

What can content marketing do for your dealership? 

Often perceived as costly, when done right, content marketing efforts can generate 3X the number of leads as outbound marketing. Listed below are a few reasons your dealership should consider content marketing:

  • A cost-effective way to bring traffic to your website
  • Builds a strong relationship with potential customers and online community
  • Increases your website visibility online versus your competition 
  • Unlike other forms of marketing, the return on investment from quality content is timeless. A good piece of content on your website can keep bringing visitors back to your website a year after you published. 

How to get started with content marketing? 

The key to running an effective content marketing campaign is to tailor it to your audience. Taking the time to understand your audience’s interests, motivators and pain points will help give you direction regarding the content you should be creating. 

One of the more popular content marketing strategies is to focus on providing solutions to consumer concerns. By labeling yourself as the go-to expert on matters relating to purchasing and maintaining a vehicle, car buyers will begin to trust you and spread the word about you by sharing your content. To get you started, below are a few high-level content pillars that are relevant to existing and future car shoppers:

  • Tips for buying a car
  • Tips for maintaining a vehicle 
  • Tips for car safety
  • Best value-price cars

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