Black Friday Marketing Tips for Dealerships

Kickstart your car dealership’s Black Friday car sales by following these 5 steps.

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a few weeks away, more and more businesses have already begun to plan for what has now become the busiest shopping day of the year. Many businesses have already launched their Black Friday deals and are driving shoppers their way. While you might expect shoppers to plan to spend their money at the mall shopping for clothes or electronics, Black Friday has also turned into one of the biggest car shopping holidays of the year, accounting for 15% of November sales. This holiday shopping season is a great way for dealers to stand out and offer special deals targeting both online shoppers and increasing dealership visits for the month.

To help you kickstart your Black Friday marketing strategy, we’ve listed 5 quick and easy steps you can take to drive both online and offline traffic as the holiday shopping season approaches. 

1. Target nearby car shoppers through Facebook Advertising

As you are working to attract the right car shoppers to your dealership, car shoppers are also doing their research to discover the best Black Friday car deals of the season. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to ensure you are reaching these shoppers and capturing their attention early on and converting them into leads. Through Facebook’s targeting and retargeting feature, you can reach nearby shoppers as soon as they show intent to purchase a vehicle, putting you one step ahead of your competitors. You can retarget the same shoppers with updates on your Black Friday car deals reminding them that you’re a short drive away. 

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2. Make sure your dealership is appearing where shoppers are searching

Another way to target your Black Friday car shoppers early on in the buying cycle is by advertising your dealership on Google, Youtube and a number of other car listing websites through Google Display Ads. With Google’s pay per click advertising model, you can be sure to only spend on marketing to car shoppers that are interested enough to click in and learn more about your dealership’s Black Friday offers, giving you a higher chance to close your lead. 

3. Update your dealership website and get your leads excited!

Make sure your site visitors are aware you are running Black Friday deals. Having a special Black Friday banner and ensuring all your special offers and discounts are featured on your website early on will inform the early bird car shoppers to keep an eye out on you. Creating a special Black Friday landing page using keywords that car shoppers are searching online in the Title, Meta Description, and body of the page could also help your website rank higher in search, increasing the leads you are driving organically. 

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4. Email your loyal car shoppers

A well-structured, informative email campaign is a great way to attract shoppers to your dealership. With many car shoppers looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals early on, it’s a good idea to start updating your past customers and leads on your promotions over the course of the month. Make sure your email feels personalized, making your past customers and subscribers feel like you care about ensuring they are up to date with your best deals, increasing their brand loyalty. Don’t forget to link back to your website so they can browse through all the available cars and deals. 

5. Increase your dealership’s online social following

Black Friday is also a great opportunity to create an incentive for leads to follow you online. You can do this by offering coupons or special discounts for anyone that signs up to your dealership’s mailing list or follows your dealership on social media. Once they sign up, you’ll be able to retarget then throughout the month of November and after, keeping your dealership top of mind.  

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