Continue making car sales despite COVID-19

How your dealership can continue making sales during coronavirus?

While many continue to go about their lives as they usually would, it is undeniable that a significant amount of consumers are choosing to stay at home due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As a car dealer, you might be facing many uncertainties on how coronavirus may impact your dealership foot traffic in the next few weeks and potentially months.

To ensure that your sales are not heavily impacted, it is important now, more than ever, to shift your sales and marketing operations and messaging to where shoppers are spending their time most – online.

To guide you through this process, here are a few suggestions on what you can do now, to connect with car shoppers and target people staying home.

1. Communicate changes in daily operations

If you are making any changes in your day to day operations, make sure you let your online community know. You can start with updating your business hours on Google My Business, on your website Contact Us page, on your social media channels, and on your phone voicemail system.

2. Rethink the way you work

If people aren’t coming to your dealership, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell.

Connect with Prospects Online

Start off by making sure your inventory is up-to-date on your website and is actively being advertised online. If you are not already using a messaging app, it might be time you look into it. Having a messaging app will allow you to keep all your prospect communication in one place, regardless of where they are coming from (website chat, FBMP, Messenger, text). It will also provide you with an easy means of answering your leads in real-time, from your smartphone or your desktop computer.

Help Car Buyers Shop and Purchase from their Homes

You’re probably asking yourself how you can do this if car shoppers are not leaving their house? The answer is by making the shopping process easier for customers.

Let your community know that they do not have to come into the dealership to buy a car. They can call, text, Facebook message or video call as well. Everyone is going to be spending more time on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Post videos of your lot on Facebook, or conduct a live walk-through where you share details on what’s new and available. Let potential customers know they can reach out directly online.

Consider Offering at-Home Test Drives 

If possible, consider offering at home test-drives. Let customers know that if they are interested in a vehicle, you can deliver it to them. It will not only increase the chances of a sale but will also show your local community and customers that, no matter what, you put their needs first.

3. Consider outsourcing your online and social media marketing

Many customers have turned to us asking for more guidance on how to generate more leads and make more sales despite the uncertainty of how COVID-19 might impact consumer spending in the longterm. If you are looking into growing your business without increasing your dealership’s overhead costs, consider outsourcing to companies that specialize in marketing for car dealerships like V12Software.

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