Increase your click-through rate with these 4 tips

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of over 200 ranking factors that have an impact on your search results. Your click-through rate is the ration of people that have clicked on a particular link compared to the total number of people who viewed the link on the search engine results page.  

Click-Through Rate (Percent) = Number of Click-Throughs / Number of Impressions x 100 

The higher up your website page ranks in the search results, the higher your click-through rate will be. The top three search results on a search engine account for over 75% of all clicks. Ranking one result higher in search results can increase your CTR by almost 30%.


1. Make your URLs descriptive

Another part of the search results that catch people’s eyes and increases the chances they click are website URLs. Using descriptive keywords in your URL versus generic ones can see as much as a 30% increase in CTR. Additionally, using relevant keywords in your URL can also increase the chances that search engines rank your results as more relevant than others against search queries. 

2. Improve your headlines

Page headlines/titles catch people’s eyes the most on search. If the headline is not enticing, chances are people won’t click. When writing a deadline, try to aim for emotional impact as this can dramatically increase CTR. If you’re not sure about your headline, try plugging it into online headline analyzer tools such as: 

3. Optimize for long-term searches vs specific keywords 

Utilizing long term searches may not earn you as many impressions as specific keywords but it will definitely deliver a higher click-through rate. Think about it! Someone who searches Nissan or Micra is probably looking to learn more about the car itself. However, when someone searches “Nissan Micra Annandale VA”, they are probably ready to buy. While impressions are important, you want to make sure you are targeting an audience that is more likely to click and convert. 

4. Include meta-descriptions on your pages 

While meta-descriptions may not directly impact search results, they do have an effect on your click-through rate. This is because if you do not have a meta-description for each page on your website, the search engine will pull a random snippet from the page that may not accurately reflect what the page is about. Pages with unique meta-descriptions have almost 6% more clicks than pages without them. 


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