What is V12Software?

V12Software is an online-based platform that provides dealers everything they need to generate leads and grow bigger. It’s an easy-to-use platform that will scale your dealership.


In a few words, V12Software is your kick-ass partner.

Why V12Software?

We’ve got more than 7,200 dealers who trust us to scale their dealerships, and that number is only growing. We’ve used proven marketing strategies to scale up dealerships of all sizes. From dealerships steps away from closing to dealerships already considered HUGE.

Who uses V12Software?

V12Software is for the small car dealerships who want to grow big and the big dealerships who want to grow bigger.

What are the services that V12Software provides?


Do I need to be tech-savvy to use the platform, apps, software, and account?

No. V12 takes care of everything related to your account. You have setup specialists who help you get started, customer support agents who help with your account, and marketing advisors who follow up with you for the lifetime of your account.

I can’t sign in to my account. What should I do?

Please email us at help@v12software.com explaining the issue you’re facing and a member of our team will call you. Please use the email address you used to create your V12 account to contact us.


Or, call us at (650) 284-0497 from one of the numbers you used to sign up.

I forgot my password. Now what?

Click on Login/Sign upForgot Your Password and enter your email address or your dealership website address and you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Are there any contracts when I sign up?

No, there are no contracts. Accounts are renewed on a month-to-month basis.

I think my account has been hacked.

If you still have access to your account, follow these steps to secure it:


1- Change your password

2- Sign out everywhere

3- Log back in and stay protected


If you can’t access your account anymore, call us at (650) 284-0497 from one of the numbers you used to sign up. Or, send us an email at help@v12software.com from the email address you used to open your V12 account.


How many packages are available?

We have three packages: Basic, Mega Drive and Mega Drive Plus. You can choose the package that best suits your dealership and if you have any more questions give us a call at (650) 284-0497.

Can I switch packages?

Yes. Give us a call at (650) 284-0497 from one of the numbers you used to sign up. Or, send us an email at help@v12software.com from the email address you use with your V12 account.

What’s the difference between Mega Drive and Mega Drive Plus?

Dealers who subscribe to the Mega Drive Plus package get access to The Biggest Auto Classifieds In The World + Local Dominance that allows them to conquer all local searches.


What are the available payment methods?

We accept electronic checks* and all major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover® . Please be sure to provide the exact billing address and phone number that your credit card issuer has on file for you. Incorrect information may cause a delay in the processing.


*An advance payment of three months subscription is required when paying using electronic checks.

Can I change my saved payment info? How?

Yes. Log in to your account.

My Account → Enter your password → Payment → +Add new Card.


If you’re facing any problems through this process feel free to contact our customer support team at help@v12software.com or call us at (650) 284-0497.

Can I pay annually?

Yes. Annual payments are available and they come with a 20% discount on service fees.

Are there any additional setup fees?

No. You’ll only be charged the monthly/annually subscription fee.


What are the supported devices for V12Software?

We develop our software to work on Chrome web apps, Windows 8 and up, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How do you get my inventory?

We integrate with all other inventory management systems and DMS’s and can get your full inventory in less than 48 hours (timing depends on source of inventory).

Do you integrate with other CRMs?

V12Software is willing to work with any third-party software or system. If we can’t work with your current provider, feel free to get in touch with our Sales line and we will see what we can do.

I face trouble sending or receiving messages on Instant Messaging App.

It could be that your app isn’t properly configured to be used with your V12 account. Give us a call at (650) 284-0497 and one of our customer support agents will be happy to assist you.

How can I listen to recorded calls?

Log in to your account → Reports → Enter your password → Trackable numbers→ Recordings.


If you face any trouble while listening to recordings please give us a call at (650) 284-0497.

Why has Facebook Marketplace tool stopped listing vehicles?

Starting September 13th, 2021, Facebook Marketplace discontinued mass listings by all inventory partners.


At V12Software, we continue to automatically list vehicles for all our dealers.  If your Facebook Auto Posting tool isn’t set up yet, please call your V12 setup specialist’s direct line or call our customer support line at (650) 284-0497 to get set up immediately.

I don’t get notified when I receive a text/email.

Instant Messaging App doesn’t support notifications of any type. It uses browser notifications as its own. Make sure you select “yes” when your browser asks permission for notifications.


I can’t access my V12 account on my mobile device.

To access your account from your smartphone or tablet, please verify that your device is connected to either cellular data connection or Wi-Fi.

My vehicles are still listed even after they’re sold.

Log in to your account → Online Ads → FBMP.


Please make sure you unselect posts of vehicles that have been sold. If you follow these steps and vehicles are still listed feel free to contact us on (650) 284-0497.

Privacy & Security

How do you protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. We make it a priority to provide strong security and give you confidence that your information is safe and accessible when you need it. We’re constantly working to ensure strong security, protect your privacy, and make the software even more effective and efficient for you.

What information is collected in V12Software and how is it used and shared?

V12Software collects data to help you do more. To do this, we use the data we collect to provide, improve, and develop our products and services, and to provide you with personalized experiences. You can learn about the most common categories of data we collect on our privacy policy.

Why is this information collected?

We use the information we collect only for the purpose for which you provided your data, meaning answering your inquiries and providing you with products and services suitable for your dealership.

What else should I do to protect the privacy and security of my account information?

There are a number of common practices that you should take to protect your personal information, including: never giving your username or password to anyone.

What happens to my data in the event of a natural disaster?

Data is replicated across multiple redundant servers within our environment which mitigates the risk of loss of connectivity with one or more nodes.

Who can I contact if I have security questions concerning my personal information collected by V12Software?

If you have questions concerning our privacy policy, please contact privacy@V12Software.com.

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