Facebook Announces Changes to Marketplace Listings


Last week, Facebook announced that Facebook Marketplace Listing Partners will no longer be able to push inventory catalogs into Marketplace starting September 13th. 

This may seem like a drawback. 

We had anticipated that change for a while now and it offers opportunities and challenges for auto dealers.

Facebook is actively looking for ways to make shopping easier on their platform and keep buyers on Facebook.

The way people buy cars is changing and with a billion visitors per month on Marketplace, Facebook is planning to capitalize on that change. The question is, how do you, as a dealer, capitalize on it too.

The most successful dealers are the early adopters and adapters. The ones that choose to learn from challenges and see the opportunities presented by change. 

What opportunities? What challenges?

Opportunity: How posting one car at a time manually affects you?

Posting one post at a time is both time consuming and cumbersome. Many dealers will either stop posting on FBMP or post only part of their inventory cars.

With fewer dealers and fewer cars on FBMP and the same amount of car shoppers browsing FBMP, dealers that will keep on posting on FBMP will reap the benefits of this change.

If you’re already a V12 dealer, this FBMP change will not affect you. We will keep on posting for you every day as we always do.

Challenge: How Facebook wanting to keep buyers on Facebook affects you? 

Facebook has put in place many features to make buying and selling on their platform easier, and you should make sure you’re using them to effectively promote your inventory on FB. 

Make sure your INVENTORY TAB is up to date on your Business Page. 

Facebook’s new inventory tab allows you to create listings for your inventory on your Facebook page. This tab acts as a digital showroom of your inventory on Facebook, the same way your website does online. 

Here is an example of how we sync our dealer’s inventory on the Facebook Inventory tab.

Get More Exposure with Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) 

Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads are dynamic ads that pull inventory images, descriptions and offers from your catalog and create targeted ads for active shoppers. Active shoppers will see your cars on Marketplace as well as on Facebook & Instagram pages. 

Here are a few examples of Auto Inventory Ads we are currently running for our dealers.

Close Buyers Real-Time via Messenger  

Facebook wants their buyers to get immediate attention with their questions answered on the spot. That’s a huge opportunity for dealers as they will close buyers while they’re actively interested.

No need for a BDC to stay on top of all your leads. You just need an app like Instant Conversations to answer leads in real time. 

That’s not all. More changes are coming. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.

Online automotive advertising is constantly evolving and changes like these can happen all the time. 

This is why it is important to diversify your lead sources and not rely on one or two sources of sales. 

By maintaining multiple sources of traffic, successful dealers keep a constant flood of leads coming their way and are less affected when one of their traffic sources doesn’t work anymore. You must do the same.

We work with over 6,000 dealers and we provide each one of our dealers with their personal Marketing Advisor. The first thing a Marketing Advisor does is help their dealers build multiple flows of traffic to maintain their flood of leads.

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