Doubling sales secret #1: Lead Magnets!

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[4 Minute Read]┃Author: Zack┃March 14, 2022


Almost every single dealer we’ve ever worked with wants us to increase their sales. The first thing they ask is how they can grow the traffic coming to their website.


That’s because they think the problem they have is not receiving enough traffic. And that’s wrong. The problem most dealers face is a conversion problem.


Most dealers try to sell everyone who comes to their website on the first interaction. This is why out of every 20 visitors, they sell to only 1 of them. Leaving out 19 prospects who are looking to buy a vehicle but are just not ready yet.


Now imagine your website can sell to that 1 prospect, and at the same time, is able to nurture the other 19. As a result, your chances of making more sales just increased significantly.


It’s actually much easier than you think.


More than enough people already come to your website. To make sure that you sell to more of them, you need to establish your dealership as the field expert they can come back to whenever they need their questions answered.


You know who your customers are, and you know their roadblocks, needs, wants, and worries. All you have to do is use that knowledge to offer them something of value for free.


The entire idea of offering something for free sounds outrageous at first, I know! But it’s more profitable than any other marketing tactic that is out there.


What do I mean “for free” exactly?


This is where Lead Magnets come in handy!

Lead magnets come in many forms. They are what they sound like, something that attracts leads. They can be an ebook, videos, guides, or even coupon codes. By offering lead magnets, you provide your prospects with something valuable without asking them for anything in return.


All they have to do is fill in their first name and email to receive the lead magnet.


Confusing still?


Our free ebook explains this in more detail! Download it here!


Let me introduce you to one of my friends, his name is Mark. Mark has a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. Many people go to his website every day, but like all other businesses, a large portion of his traffic isn’t ready to buy right away.


Mark knows this very well!


When somebody first visits his website, he offers them a free 1-pager that solves his prospects’ main problem. And since his dealership is a Buy Here Pay Here, he knows that financing is their main worry.

The downloadable resource he offers is titled: “WARNING: Do Not Finance a Car Before You Read This!


He used to get 5 leads out of every 100 people who visited his website. Out of those 5 leads, he made 1 sale. After he started offering the free lead magnet, he started generating 25 leads out of every 100 visitors and is closing 3 sales.



By using lead magnets, your website will start closing 3x more sales. That’s a 300% increase.


That’s not all!


The benefits of offering a lead magnet didn’t stop here. Mark was able to:


  • • Build his credibility among his prospects.
  • • Collect his prospects’ emails.
  • • Exponentially grow his sales.

Want similar results? Book a free marketing strategy session and see what we can do for your dealership today!

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