Doubling sales secret #2: Retargeting!


[3 Minute Read]┃Author: FZ┃April 19, 2022


Are you getting streams of auto buyers to your website flowing day in and day out? That’s great! It means your ads are well-performing and you’re generating tons of traffic. What about conversion? Does your website convert all of your traffic into buying customers?


As it turns out, 97% of people who visit your website for the first time leave without buying anything. This traffic leaves without sharing their information, and you have to bring them back or else you’ll lose them forever!


That’s where retargeting comes in handy.


Retargeting gives you the possibility to display specific car ads only in front of car buyers who previously visited your website, interacted with your ads or bought from you in the past.


In doing this, you’re able to remind your website visitors of your cars in case they leave your website without taking any action.


Retargeted ads are so hyper-focused that they track your prospects everywhere they go on the internet. These ads follow your website visitors on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as on other websites like Yahoo, CNN, ESPN, …




Retargeting them gives you a second chance to bring back clients that are interested in your cars.


How do we do this for our dealers?


Let me take you back to Mark, our dealer with the Buy Here, Pay Here dealership from Secret #1.


With the power of lead magnets, his conversions increased, yet he couldn’t say the same about his sales. That was because even after Mark started offering lead magnets on his website, 50% or more of his website visitors still left without leaving their information.


Let’s take Lisa for example who’s one of Mark’s customers.


Lisa wanted to buy a used car, she visited Mark’s website but got distracted and left without leaving her information. The next time Lisa goes online, she’ll have completely forgotten about Mark’s dealership.


Here’s the good news:


Mark can actually remind Lisa of his dealership and bring her to visit his website again. How? By running a retargeting campaign that will show his ad on every website Lisa visits.


In doing this, Mark brought back tons of interested buyers who once have been to his dealership’s website and left without buying. He also turned his past buyers into repeat customers by showing them specific ads asking them to trade in their vehicles.




It’s proven that a retargeted ad performs 10 times better than a regular ad. And retargeted car buyers are 70% more likely to buy than someone that would have just seen your vehicles once on your website.


And that’s not all!


Retargeting increases your conversions and therefore your sales by up to 26%. Some of our dealers have noticed a 96% increase in the number of leads they get after they were barely breaking even.


Retargeting is cost-effective, and it leverages your existing website traffic who just needs a little push to convert. In fact, it has helped some dealers reduce their cost per lead by up to 90%.


This is only secret #2 out of 7 secrets that successful dealers apply to take their dealerships to new heights and triple their sales in the process.


To know the 5 remaining secrets, get your free copy of “7 Ways to Double Sales in 90 Days” ebook!



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