Creating an Attractive Car Inventory Listing 

Creating an Attractive Car Inventory Listing 

No matter how many impressions your car listings are reaching, if your car listing is not appealing, they won’t convert. Remember your car listing is one in hundreds of thousands of other options online. You need to take the time to set them apart from the other posts. High-quality listings sell cars faster. 

Four Tips to Improving Your Car Listings

1. Use a good camera and shoot at the right time of day

Use a good camera to make sure your photos come out in high quality. Pay attention to the lighting in the photo to make sure that the car is clear and visible. We would recommend a few minutes before sunrise or a few minutes after sunset. 

Make sure the car looks clean, well-taken care of and that there is nothing in the reflection of the car or the background that may distract the buyer. 

Try to include both inside and outside shots of the car, highlighting all the features you would want to emphasize if the car shopper was at your dealership. 

2. List the information buyers need to know

Your listing should have all the information a car shopper would want to know in a dealership visit. Make sure you are listing the year, model, make, color, mileage, transmission, type, condition, contact information.

Try to take the time to write a thoughtful, compelling description that focuses on the main benefits, features, and important information the buyer needs to know. Clear descriptions of your vehicles increase a buyer’s trust and increase the likelihood that they will choose you over competitors.

3. Price the car accurately and competitively

Remember your car shoppers are looking at your car and comparing it to similar cars offered by other dealerships. Make sure the correct price of the car is clear and easy to find.

4. Include a strong call-to-action

Make sure to include a strong CTA in your description directing people to click on the link to visit your website or to schedule a visit. Including a CTA message can increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.

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