5 ways to take advantage of the upcoming Facebook Marketplace changes



[3 Minute Read]┃Author: FZ┃December 22, 2022


Starting January 2023, auto dealers will no longer be able to market their inventory on Marketplace using their Facebook Business Page.


While these changes might impact the way you and other car dealers are using Facebook to market your vehicles, below are 5 ways you can adapt to these changes.



    • 1-  List Your Vehicles on Marketplace Using a Personal Account


Starting next month, you won’t be able to post your vehicles on Facebook Marketplace using your business page. Post them using your personal page and maintain your online presence on Facebook.



    • 2- Use Customized Image Overlays



Stand out & Increase conversions.


Overlays are an awesome way to get noticed. Tell viewers what makes you different from everyone else, and increase your conversions.



    • 3- Post Your Vehicles to Buy and Sell Groups 



Facebook Buy and Sell Groups are a great way to get better visibility on your inventory. Join as many groups in your local area as you can and get many ready-to-buy leads.



    • 4- Showcase Your Inventory With Facebook Ads



Reach more car buyers with Facebook Ads and show them only the cars they’re interested in.


AIA displays your cars at the top of Facebook Marketplace as well as Facebook News Feed and at the bottom of competitors’ vehicle pages.



If you’re not already using AIA campaigns for your dealership,

it’s time you started.



    • 5- Advertise Your Inventory on Multiple Lead-Generating Channels





Promote your inventory on multiple channels and get more leads through your dealership doors.


Use a provider like V12, and list your vehicles automatically on Facebook Groups and Marketplace as well as Google Vehicle Listings, Google Shops, Craigslist, and more.


Want to learn more?

All it takes from you is one click. 



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