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How to Make Your Dealership Stand Out?

You Are NOT a Car Dealer! Most car dealers think they’re in the car business, and they’re wrong! People don’t just buy cars. They buy a solution to their problem. If everyone just bought a car for the sake of having one, then we would all be driving the same identical boring car. In fact, car buying is a very

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Doubling Sales Secret #1: Lead Magnets!

Doubling Sales Secret #1: Lead Magnets! Almost every single dealer we’ve ever worked with wants us to increase their sales. The first thing they ask is how they can grow the traffic coming to their website. That’s because they think the problem they have is not receiving enough traffic. And that’s wrong. The problem most dealers face is a conversion

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Use this downtime to revamp your dealership website!

With the slight drop in website traffic and the extra time on our hands, it is a perfect time to edit and work on your dealership website! Below are some of the action items you can get started on today to improve your car dealership website. Google Analytics – How can you improve your top exited pages?  When was the

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High-Converting Automotive Website Templates

How can your dealership adapt to changing car shopper behaviors? A couple of years back, people used to visit dealerships up to seven times before choosing a new car. Today, the number of visits has dropped to one or two. Based on this, experts are concluding that most of the visitors are buyers who have already made a decision on

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Creating a Dealership Website that Sells

The majority of your online leads are likely to fall on your car listings via third-party websites. However, if they are interested in your offerings, they will most likely be visiting your website too. For this reason, it is important to have a website that is effective at converting potential buyers into customers. Enhance your visitor’s purchasing journey and make

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3 Reasons your website needs to be mobile optimized

Did you know?     79% of car buyers say the internet is the most helpful information source when researching auto dealerships. 68% of sales and 51% of service customers said they used a mobile device to research and evaluate dealerships. 87% of car buyers said they used online review sites to help them select a dealership. 77% of car shoppers/owners who have seen a Facebook ad say they

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Mobile-first websites

Did you know that 68 million Google searches are carried out on mobile devices every hour around the globe? What’s more: 69% of travellers start their online searches on a mobile device! In fact, mobile bookings in the travel industry grew by 1700% between 2011 and 2015, moving from 1% to 18% of online revenues. Mobile users are a force to be

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