Case Study: Generate More Website Traffic!


[2 Minute Read]┃Author: Zak┃May 19, 2021


An Indiana-based used car dealership came to us with a problem: they weren’t receiving enough traffic on a website that they spent a lot of time and money on.


We reviewed their website and immediately understood the problem.


Their website was not visually appealing, it did not include the right image and more often than not, their cars had stock images.


Before we ran any campaign for them, we decided it was time their website was renovated.


Every car stock picture was replaced by a real-life picture that we asked the dealer to take, and we made sure it was easy for their visitors to sort through their inventory by make, model, year, price, mileage and more.


We did 1 final review to ensure their mobile visitors also had a smooth experience and only then did we move to running a campaign that turned out to be very successful.


Now let’s move to the campaign itself!


Goal: Generate More Website Traffic
Platform: Google
Budget: $1,000/week
Strategy: Google Display Ads


Google ads reach a large audience of buyers within your area and convert them at a low cost per click.


To turn this campaign into a traffic-generating machine, we leveraged eye-capturing images that highlighted the advantages of buying from this dealership.


We ran the campaign for 30 days and the results were record-breaking!


+6,793 Website Visitors were sent to their website.

Cost Per Click: $0.57

Cars Sold: 84 Cars!


Do you want your dealership to become a success story?

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