Tax Season 2022: Unprecedented Opportunity To Sell Cars!

tax season


[4 Minute Read]┃Author: FZ┃April 25, 2022


Tax season is still here, and while some people received their tax refunds, others are still expecting them.


As you already know, one of the most common items people buy with a tax refund is a vehicle for themselves or their loved ones. In fact, more than one-third of Americans who expect a tax refund spend it on car-related purchases as tax refunds make a great down payment.


tax season


During tax season, the used car market gets the lion’s share of the car sales.Tax refunds drive people into used car dealerships in droves. And it’s not too late for you to start reaping the benefits of tax time.


How? It’s quite simple actually.


1. Give Limited-Time Offers:


Advertise your dealership and stay ahead of your competition by giving your car buyers attractive, limited-time offers and promotions. This will push shoppers to decide faster, resulting in your getting the most out of the tax season.


Tax season ad


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2. Target Millennials In Your Offers:


59% of people who fill in their taxes are millennials and 71% of them like to reward themselves with their tax refund. 


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 


Yes, a “Treat Yourself” campaign where you target millennials and show them the cars they’re  most interested in will drastically increase your car sales.


3. Offer Creative Incentives:


Not all people who got their tax refunds are looking for new vehicles. Some are already car owners with no intention to replace it. You can target those as well with service incentives. 


Consider offering them something like:


    • . Hosting a special oil change savings event

    • . Organizing a “win free tire rotations for a year” competition

    • . Offering gas coupons 


4. Increase Your Inventory Size:


The supply in the used car market is low, and with the high demand on used cars and the even higher prices, it may be hard for you as an independent dealer to keep your inventory filled. 


But don’t let this trouble you, the solution is much simpler than you think. You can actually turn to buying cars from private sellers and fill up your inventory at affordable prices.


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These are some ads our dealers ran in the past targeting only private sellers.

we buy cars

Find out how you can increase your inventory size
With “We Buy Cars” Campaigns.


Tax season is the most lucrative time for your dealership as it brings opportunities to double and even triple your sales. It shouldn’t be stressful, it should be exciting and should open your dealership’s doors for future growth.


To take advantage of tax time while it lasts, you should put a strategic yet achievable plan in place and think of a way to stand out from your competition. 


Find out how we can help you do exactly that and more. Book a free marketing strategy session today!

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