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Rewriting the playbook

Running Successful Facebook Automotive Campaigns

The fastest and most effective way to build up your sales pipeline and get your inventory out to many car shoppers is by running an online

Understanding the car-buying path to purchase online

Having a well established digital car sales funnel is key to establishing a high performing car dealership. Why? Because the most common customer

Stock up on inventory as car buyer confidence rises

As consumer confidence is beginning to come back to normal and the outlook on the auto industry is improving day by day, auto dealers are starting to

Post-COVID Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

Despite the fact that many car shoppers are bunkered up at home during this quarantine, they are online more than ever, and data is showing that they

Memorial Day Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

  May has historically proven to be among the most active months for car shopping. And while consumers are definitely being more careful about

COVID-19 Small Business Financial Support Programs

If you’re running a dealership, it is normal to feel a little worried about what the COVID-19 pandemic might mean for your business and your

Use this downtime to revamp your dealership website!

With the slight drop in website traffic and the extra time on our hands, it is a perfect time to edit and work on your dealership website! Below are

Revamp your Online Marketing during the Coronavirus 

We are facing unprecedented times with the spread of the coronavirus and the little foresight we have in terms of how long it will continue to impact

Achieve Automotive Growth Despite the Health Crisis

  As we face the uncertainties of the impact COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will have on the automotive market, automotive dealers must take immediate

High-Converting Automotive Website Templates

How can your dealership adapt to changing car shopper behaviors? A couple of years back, people used to visit dealerships up to seven times before

Continue making car sales despite COVID-19

How your dealership can continue making sales during coronavirus? While many continue to go about their lives as they usually would, it is undeniable

Attract local car shoppers with Google My Business

What is Google My Business? Google My Business, also known as GMB, is a free of charge, easy-to-use tool that allows businesses with physical

Increase your online visibility with content marketing

Capture Online Car Shoppers with Content Marketing When buying a new car, consumers are not only in search of the best deal or the vehicle that will

Increase your click-through rate with these 4 tips

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of over 200 ranking factors that have an impact on your search results. Your click-through rate is the ration of

Extend your dealership’s hours..at least on the phones

More Business is Done After Business Hours Did you know that more business is done after “business hours” than during them? Think about it, a

Listing your Inventory on Classifieds

Before you can convince an auto shopper to buy your vehicle, you need to make sure you’re listing your cars where they can see them around the

Benefits of Video Marketing for Dealerships

Four Benefits of Video Marketing To set yourself apart from other dealerships, your dealership should become the go-to resource for car ownership

Creating an Attractive Car Inventory Listing 

Creating an Attractive Car Inventory Listing  No matter how many impressions your car listings are reaching, if your car listing is not appealing,

What is an Automotive Business Development Center?

With more internet shoppers reaching out to various auto dealerships to find the best car deal in the market, dealerships are trying to keep up and

Creating a Dealership Website that Sells

The majority of your online leads are likely to fall on your car listings via third-party websites. However, if they are interested in your

4 ways your Dealership can Benefit from a CRM

Benefits of a CRM The value a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) brings to your dealership is far beyond having a place to store business

Black Friday Marketing Tips for Dealerships

Kickstart your car dealership’s Black Friday car sales by following these 5 steps. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a few weeks away,

Reviews, a Valuable Promotional Tool

CUSTOMER REVIEWS, A VALUABLE PROMOTIONAL TOOL FOR YOUR DEALERSHIP Online reviews can have a major impact on your business. When it comes to selling

Should you add a blog on your website ?

Blogging on your website can make a powerful difference in terms of leads, search visibility, and sales. Offering pertinent and valuable content on

Ad360 – What Online Advertising Can Do For You

When advertising your cars, there are three important factors to consider: visual appeal to grab attention, location to maximize exposure, and

Use a smart CRM to manage your leads

A powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a great tool for any business that values Internet leads. Managing a segmented list of subscribers

Optimize your google listing with “Google My Business”

  Hungry for more traffic? We have the solution for you! One of the best ways to get more traffic to your dealership is through Google My

6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

It is well known that technology and digital infrastructures can put dealerships ahead of their competition. Dealers that move fast continue to gain

Maximize your online exposure with customer reviews

71% of car buyers today check out dealerships online before they actually go visit it. Knowing that, dealerships need to work on building their

3 Reasons your website needs to be mobile optimized

Did you know?     79% of car buyers say the internet is the most helpful information source when researching auto dealerships. 68% of

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