Creating a Dealership Website that Sells

The majority of your online leads are likely to fall on your car listings via third-party websites. However, if they are interested in your offerings, they will most likely be visiting your website too. For this reason, it is important to have a website that is effective at converting potential buyers into customers.

Enhance your visitor’s purchasing journey and make sure your website is:

1) Visually appealing and easy to navigate

Having a visually appealing, easy to navigate website with strong call-to-actions is important to convert your leads online. Opt for high definition images and videos to make your website fun and dynamic. Optimize your search function so that your future customers are able to search for cars based on different variables – year, make, model, mileage, price, etc. 

2) Customized for both desktop and mobile devices

80% of your website traffic is coming in through a mobile device. This means your website experience should be customized for any device your visitors are using. Visit your dealership website through your mobile phone and check to see if your website is easy to navigate. If not, we would recommend you think of updating your website template with one that is optimized for desktop and mobile. Certain dealership website providers, such as V12Software, provide prebuilt and designed websites for desktop and mobile that are easy to implement. 

3) Up-to-date with your available inventory

Minimize the chances of lost sales by making sure your inventory is up to date on your website. To simplify the process of updating your car listings, we recommend opting for a website that is linked to your inventory management system. This way, whenever a new car comes in or a car is sold, it will automatically be reflected on your dealership website. 

4) Optimized against keywords buyers are using on search engines

Using the right keywords in your page titles, URLs, alt text can make a significant difference in how well your site ranks on search engines. 

When adding the images of your vehicles to your website, make sure you are using keywords that describe the image. You should do the same when choosing the titles and descriptions for your car listings. You want to make sure you are using keywords that your car shoppers are searching for. This will make it easier for them to find your cars over your competitors.

organic car leads


Similar to using keywords on your page titles and vehicle descriptions, blogging is another key content marketing technique that helps your website rank higher on search engines. A nicely written, well thought out blog post around a topic that your car shoppers would find value in will not only bring in visitors to your website but increase your dealership’s online credibility. 

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