High-Converting Automotive Website Templates

How can your dealership adapt to changing car shopper behaviors?

A couple of years back, people used to visit dealerships up to seven times before choosing a new car. Today, the number of visits has dropped to one or two. Based on this, experts are concluding that most of the visitors are buyers who have already made a decision on what car they want to buy and are now waiting to find the best offer in their area. Experts believe that after some time, the only reason a shopper would visit a car dealership would be to pick up the car that they have already selected and purchased online.

The reason why car shoppers are visiting less and less car dealerships when looking to buy a car is really because they are conducting most of their car search online. Your dealership website is where your customers will browse your inventory and compare vehicle prices. Most often potential buyers visit an Automotive dealer website not from stationary computers, but from smartphones (the proportion of such visits reaches 60%). For this reason, mobile-friendly automotive dealer websites should be a top priority for every car dealer.

V12Software’s primary service is to support car dealerships in creating a dealership website that will convert car shoppers into customers. We provide car dealers with pre-built, well-designed mobile-first websites that will convert visitor traffic into sales. You can browse our website to see different website templates that are available.

Why websites are necessary for Automotive Dealers?

Most car shoppers don’t know very much about cars and how to find the best one, especially when they are in the market to buy a used car. For these consumers, choosing a car on the internet certainly has significant advantages. Anyone can get an idea about a particular car and its characteristics on the official websites of manufacturers, specialized portals and via reviews of car drivers on forums online.

Browsing online gives car shoppers the opportunity to understand what vehicle would best accommodate their needs without the pressure of a sales rep by their side. Today’s car shoppers are able to evaluate and compare the advantages and technical characteristics of different vehicle models in a comfortable environment. By the time potential customers walk into a car dealership, they have already conducted 80% of the decision making process.

To ensure that car shoppers are coming in to visit your dealership over that of your competitor, you need to make sure your dealership website is packed with all the necessary ammunition to heavily impact car shoppers purchasing decisions.

What should I take into consideration when choosing my automotive website template?

When assessing what website template is best suited for your dealership, you should be taking into account (1) User Experience, (2) Responsive Design, and (3) Content Positioning.

1. User Experience (UX)

Website design relays a lot on your brand and about your positioning. It also forms the basis of consumer experience in connecting with your brand. If the interaction is simple and attractive, users will be more likely to stay on your website and visit the site again.

2. Responsive Design

The number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices has exceeded the number of desktops. Your car dealer website should be developed to adapt in design and in functionality to any screen size, allowing website visitors to navigate your website with ease regardless of the device they are using.

3. Content Positioning

No one has the patience to read the full-text content on your site. Instead, most website visitors simply look at it with a high-level glance. Car dealerships repeatedly opt for V12Software website templates because of its simple, well-structured design with clear headlines and call-to-action buttons that captivate their visitors and increase their website traffic.

How can I make sure my Automotive Dealership Websites will drive sales?

So, what does it take to ensure that your dealership website is a lead generating machine?

Here are a few pointers for our website team at V12Software:

1. Your Dealership Website should be Easy to Find Online.

Depending on what stage of buyer journey a car shopper is in, they will typically use certain keywords to find answers to questions they might have or find cars they might be looking for within their area. To ensure that your dealership website ranks high in search, you need to make sure that it is packed with all the relevant key terms car shoppers are searching.

2. Your Website is Easy to Navigate

When a car shopper visits your website, on desktop or on a mobile device, they need to find it easy to search and sort through your inventory based on information such as the car make, car model, mileage, age, price, etc. Any difficulty they face could impact them spending more time navigating a competitor’s website versus yours.

3. Has Clear Descriptions and Visuals

Missing information can be very frustrating for a car buyer. Having clear visuals of the exterior and interior of the car available on your website is also very important. Make sure your website is always up-to-date with your inventory to not miss any opportunity in making a sale.

4. Strong Call-To-Actions

Your website is not only a source of information for your car shoppers but should be the gateway to them reaching out to you. Pack your website with clear and strong call-to-action buttons and forms to entice your website visitors to call your dealership or book a visit online.

5. Includes Reviews from Past Customers

Customer reviews play a significant role in impacting a buyer’s purchasing decision. Buyers want to hear from your customers and be reassured that they are making the right choice of buying from your dealership. Make sure you add your positive customer reviews directly on your website to make it readily available.

Think of your website as the online face for your automotive business. Long gone are the days when people used to ask each other about the place where they can buy their car from, rather they just Google the business, check out their ratings, and compare their vehicles with that of competitors. Let us give you some statistics:

  • 75% of customers make a judgment about a brand based on the website design.
  • 85% of the customer search the website before making any purchase.
  • 95% of a customer purchase decision is impacted by website design and user experience.

If you would like to up your car sales, then a car dealership website that converts is the first place to get started. Scheduling a demo with V12Software to learn more.


Learn more about how V12Software supports auto dealers like you. 

V12Software is a one-stop marketing solution for car dealerships. We offer everything that any car dealer will require to generate and close leads successfully. In addition to automotive car dealership websites, V12Software offers lead generation tools (Smart CRM, Craigslist and Facebook Market Place auto-posting) to tools that can help your dealership close more sales (Instant Conversations, Auto Dealer BDC).

1. Mobile-first Websites

Mobile-first websites are websites designed to be used on both mobile devices and on desktop or computer devices. This allows website visitors to enjoy their user experience no matter what device they are browsing your website on.

It’s easy to set up the right website template for your dealership. Just find the layout you need here, and submit a simple form on the page for us to give you a callback and set you up.

The advantages of V12Software templates are obvious – creating a strong dealership website in a matter of hours at the lowest price in the market. Our websites are also easy to customize and can be updated directly from our Dealer Management System.

2. Smart CRM

V12Software helps dealerships organize and manage their customer information through our Smart CRM solution. With our CRM, you will have all the required information on your customers at your fingertips. Our PWA mobile app makes it easy for your employees to access lead information and reply to inbound messages regardless of where they are.

Having a well-established CRM solution will help your dealership:

  • Get a common standardized base of contacts for your dealership
  • Effectively monitor the quality of the sales department at any time.
  • Get statistics and analytics of work efficiency with leads (incoming calls, requests).
  • Plan to improve the quality of work and develop a business development strategy.

3. Craigslist Advertising

Craigslist is a powerful advertising platform that has a special section selling used cars. Posting your inventory on CL allows you to reach a wider audience with fairly good engagement rates.

What does our Craigslist advertising tool offer?

  • You get fully automated craigslist posting, with reposting of your ads on a regular basis to keep you on top on craigslist listing.
  • You get 20 ad formats to choose form. All ad templates are designed with the CL user in mind and be customized according to your needs and demands.
  • You can track your ad performance and traffic on Craigslist directly from your DMS.
  • Leads through Craigslist ads will be automatically added to your CRM without any manual data entry.

4. Facebook Market Place Auto-Postings

If you are not advertising your vehicles on Facebook Marketplace, you are missing out. With a wide range of options for buyers and sellers, FBMP is the number 1 place where your customers will use to search for a used car nearby. The integration between Facebook Market Place and Facebook Messenger makes it easy for customers to reach out to your business and ask for more information about the vehicle.

V12Software will automatically post your inventory on Facebook Marketplace on a daily basis making sure your cars are always available for buyers to see. All the leads generated through Facebook Marketplace will be directly added to your CRM.

5. Instant Conversation

V12Software’s instant conversation provides dealers with a single platform where they can respond to all inbound messages and chats. Whether it is a text, a Facebook message or a website chat, you can see and reply to all of them directly from the Instant Conversations app. Additionally, the instant conversation app allows you to search through your inventory while having a conversation with the potential buyer. This helps automotive dealers provide the potential buyers the links to their desired cars in an easy and fast way.

6. BDC (Business Development Center)

The main objective of a BDC is to support your dealership by managing all inbound calls and converting them into appointments. V12Software offers car dealerships with a dedicated BDC team trained in handling inbound calls and following up with the queries of the potential buyers. Our dedicated BDC team is available around the clock to answer all the inbound calls and schedule them into test-drives at your dealership.

7. Social Automation

V12Software’s social automation tool not only allows you to automatically publish your content on social networks but also allows you to customize the publication according to a schedule at a given time.

Benefits of our Social Automation tool:

  • Increased efficiency. Posting content to social networks is not difficult, but it begins to take time when there are several social networks and you need to publish content on a daily basis. Social Automation allows you to schedule your posts for the week or month all at once.
  • Increased audience engagement. Social networks are an effective way to keep a long-lasting relationship with your customers until they are ready to buy another car. It’s also a great way to build an online presence for your dealership in your local community.

8. Online Advertising

One of the biggest challenges any automotive dealer faces is the time to market their cars online, handle dealership visits and manage the day to day administration of their business. V12Software offers an online advertising service, Ad360, that takes complete charge of advertising for a car dealership online.

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