7 Reasons Your Dealership Must Advertise On Facebook Marketplace!


advertise vehicles on facebook marketplace


[5 Minute Read] ┃ Author: Zak ┃ October 5, 2022


On October, 3rd, 2016, Facebook decided to enter the classifieds market and later dominate it with Facebook Marketplace. Ever since its launch, dealers of all sizes have been able to successfully advertise their vehicles on Facebook Marketplace and receive more leads than before.


Facebook, now Meta, already had a gigantic database of users, making the platform an instant success.


Today, more than 190 million people use Facebook Marketplace in the US alone, that’s the same number of monthly visitors that Craigslist has. But unlike Craigslist, where people spend an average of 14 minutes per visit, people spend almost 1 hour each day on Facebook.


To go even further, Meta revolutionized classifieds by integrating their popular chat tool, Facebook Messenger into the classifieds. With a simple click of a button, you can send an automatic text message to the seller asking if the item is still available.


Since most people prefer to text a seller rather than call, it was a big hit.


As a car dealer, Facebook Marketplace is just the perfect classifieds to advertise your vehicles on, and here’s why!


Why Dealers MUST Advertise on Facebook Marketplace!



1. Visited by Millions of Buyers


No one is bigger than this platform.


Facebook Marketplace is so big that no matter the size of your dealership, it’s still a good investment to be on this platform.


Facebook harnessed the power of their social media platform to supercharge their Marketplace with millions of hungry-to-buy shoppers.



2. Buyers Are Easy to Reach


People go to Facebook, the social platform, every day, whether they’re looking to buy a car or not. Facebook Marketplace, on the other hand, is just one tap away.


The platform is literally one click away from most Americans. All they have to do is tap on the Marketplace icon that’s always at the top of the Facebook app.


This is what makes Marketplace extremely easy to visit for the users, and what makes the users incredibly easy to reach.


For this reason alone, your dealership MUST advertise on the platform as it can generate tons of leads every single day.



3. It’s Free


advertise vehicles on facebook marketplace


Although Facebook Marketplace is bigger than big itself, it’s completely free.


Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to list your vehicles on it. Whether you have 5 or 500 cars, it’s free. All you have to do is create a Facebook page, verify it and you’re all set.


Click here to read our full tutorial on how to advertise your dealership on Facebook & Facebook Marketplace



4. You Can Automate It


A little over a year ago, Facebook announced they will discontinue their inventory partners program. Meaning that dealers will no longer be able to automatically list and advertise their vehicles on Facebook Marketplace with the help of 3rd party companies like V12


The change took effect on September, 13th, 2021. You can read more about the change here!


Ever since, V12 has developed an app that helps dealers completely automate the process of listings their vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. The app works almost as if the change never took effect.


To learn more about our Facebook Marketplace auto posting tool, click here!



5. You Can Boost Your Listings


advertise on facebook marketplace


Whether you list your vehicles on Facebook Marketplace manually or automatically, you can reach more people by boosting those listings.


You can boost your listings on Facebook Marketplace for as little as $1 per vehicle. The more you spend on boosting your vehicles, the more shoppers will come across them.


Boosted listings will run on Facebook Feed, Facebook Search Results, and Facebook Marketplace. This will ensure your vehicles are viewed by more people who Facebook (or Meta) determines are interested in buying a vehicle.


To boost your listings, all you have to do is choose your budget, choose the duration of the boost, and you’re done.


To learn more about how you can boost your vehicle listings, read more about it from Facebook themselves here!



6. You Can Run Ads on Facebook Marketplace


If you want to take your dealership advertising a step further, then you should try running Facebook ads on Marketplace.


Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketplace, a bit confusing? We’ll explain!


These ads can be like any regular Facebook traffic ads. But, instead of leaving the ad placement on automatic, you select only Marketplace.


This ensures that the majority of leads you receive are ready-to-buy or almost ready-to-buy shoppers.


It doesn’t stop here!


You can also run inventory ads on Marketplace.


These ads will automatically pull your inventory from your website and will run them as a carousel ad on Facebook Marketplace.


The conversion rate on this specific type of ad is pretty high since Facebook will pull from your inventory based on the shopper’s interest.


If a shopper is interested in SUVs or pickup trucks, for example, then the ad will display only the pickup trucks or SUVs you have in your inventory.


Now imagine someone goes to Marketplace and searches for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, they see a few vehicles from dealerships nearby, and next to those listings is a carousel ad of all the vehicles from your inventory that fit the criteria.


Your ads will also appear under listings on the vehicle detail pages (VDP).



7. Shoppers on Marketplace Are Easy to Convert


sell marketplace


As we mentioned earlier, shoppers go to Facebook Marketplace because they are either ready to buy or almost ready to buy.


This means that the people who contact you from Facebook Marketplace are more likely to buy from you than shoppers who may have seen your listings on other channels.


This is why it is important your listings on Facebook Marketplace always be fresh so they are displayed at the top of the page.


To do this, our FBMP app will choose the best time to list your vehicles on the platform. The app will also update your listings to make sure they stay at the top of the platform.


To learn more about our Facebook Marketplace app, click here!


To make the most out of Facebook Marketplace as a car dealer, consistency is key. Listing your vehicles and renewing your posts will ensure that your vehicles are at the top of Marketplace for the majority of the time.


Dealers who automate their Facebook Marketplace receive twice as many leads as dealers who don’t. 




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