Top 6 Secrets To Create a Killer Call-To-Action Button



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Call-To-Action buttons are all around us! Every website page out there has at least one CTA, but only a few are effective in capturing visitors’ attention and encouraging them to click.


How can you create high-converting Calls-To-Action for your dealership website? 


Here are 6 tips you can apply today to increase your CTA conversions.



    • 1- Use Action Words & Write in First Person

Make your CTA more effective by using action words like “Start“, “Download“, “Request“, “Get“, “Claim“, “Schedule“. This way visitors are aware of what to expect when they click.


Further encourage your visitors to click on your CTAs by adding personal pronouns such as “My”, “Me” and “Mine” as they’ve proven to increase the click-through rate by up to 90%.



    • 2- Create a Sense of Urgency



Add the urgency effect to your Calls-To-Action and make your prospects click.  


Include a countdown timer with your offer and use words like “Now”, “Today” and “Right Away” to create a sense of urgency and encourage prospects to act quickly to avoid missing out on the opportunity.



    • 3- Keep it Short And Simple


CTAs should be short and to the point, ideally 2-4 words, as people only take 6 seconds or less to read it. Make sure to keep your CTA more about your customers and the benefits they’ll receive when they take the desired action.


For example, “Get Pre-Approved Now” is more effective than “Submit Pre-Approval Application For Car Credit”



    • 4- Go Bold With Colors



The color of your CTA button matters a lot!


CTAs in colors like orange, blue, green and red tend to perform better and boost the conversion rate by up to 32%.


None of these colors go with your dealership look and feel? Use the contrasting or complementary color of the dominant color on your website from the wheel above and make your CTA buttons stand out. 


Pro Tip: To make your CTAs stand out more, use rounded or circular corners instead of sharp corners.



    • 5- Place Your CTA Above The Page Fold


82% of internet users say they click on buttons if they appear above the page fold without scrolling.


Make sure your CTA button is easily visible by placing it in the top section of your landing page. For maximum visibility, add a CTA button in a welcome popup or on the right sidebar, and only use one CTA per page to avoid confusing visitors.



    • 6- A/B Test Like Your Life Depends on it


A/B testing your CTA buttons makes a huge difference in your conversions. Change the size, text, colors and even placement of your buttons until you land on the one that crushes it.


Here’s an example of an A/B test between two different colors.

A call-to-action is a crucial element in any website as it guides users to take the desired action. 


Here at V12 we offer you pre-built website templates with high-converting CTAs that will exponentially increase your conversions. All you have to do is give us a call at (650) 264 7556 or schedule a free demo here.



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