It is well known that technology and digital infrastructures can put dealerships ahead of their competition.

Dealers that move fast continue to gain more clients and grow their profit. If you’re reading this article, you are probably ready to take your dealership’s marketing to the next level. Here are some trends and innovations to pay attention to and that you should be applying this year!


When visitors come to your site, they’ll want answers about your cars. If they can’t find those answers, they may never come back. Helping your potential customers is a priority, but that can be difficult if you have a small customer support or sales team. That’s where bots can come in and save the day. You can set up a bot to emulate live chat and talk with your customers.

A chatbot is cheaper than a customer support person because it doesn’t have to be staffed and it can answer visitors’ questions almost immediately.


  • Car-buying behavior is changing, and almost 50% of buyers start the process online.
  • A customer visits a car dealer an average of 2.4 times throughout the buying process.
  • More than 60% of customers decide on a brand, model, and price before visiting a dealership.
  • More than 25% of customers are potential online buyers.

Today car buyers follow omnichannel customer episodes – They research, select and buy cars in different ways than their non-digital predecessors, and they expect the same capabilities and service quality when shopping for cars as they experience in other aspects of their digital lives. Developing a new omnichannel sales approach is ESSENTIAL to remaining competitive. Automakers that adapt well will not only serve their customers better but may also reduce their sales and marketing costs.

Fulfilling the needs of these consumers may appear straightforward at first, but building the necessary capabilities requires significant effort. It goes far beyond websites, online configurators, and mobile apps and requires a considerable transformation of the model to deliver true omnichannel customer experience.


Search engines drive a huge amount of traffic, especially on Google. And about 60% of search traffic on Google comes from mobile devices.

PWA offers the benefits of a mobile site and a native app without their downfalls. Advantages of PWA on your website include: faster loading time, better website experience, users can create a shortcut on their smartphone. Without having to download an app, users can create a shortcut through their mobile browser that allows them to access your website easily and efficiently. It also supports push notifications to keep visitors updated.

AMP allows your website to render fast and could improve your website rank on Google searches while PWA eliminates the high cost of building a mobile app and provides the same great experience to visitors on your mobile site.


Purchasing your perfect car is a long process of research, comparison and different kinds of configuration. With knowledge about your customer’s interests, the Marketing Automation System gives you an edge over your competition. Tailored offers and personalized communication via SMS are the best way to close a deal. Here are some examples of use: Welcome emails, follow-up emails, birthday surprises, personalized cars suggestions…


Videos with specifications and highlighted features of a car model get more views, and in turn, builds recall of your auto dealership. Video makes everything better.

According to Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will be through video by 2021 but you don’t have to wait till 2021, you can start taking advantage of the trend now. Everyone can make videos nowadays. They require no equipment (if you have a smartphone), no financial investment, and nearly no time at all.


People desire ease and convenience in their busy lives. Voice search capitalizes on this convenience to allow for easy multitasking and the ability to get information faster to simplify daily routine. With voice search technology, car shoppers can now inquire about various vehicle details, customer reviews, and dealership information while cooking dinner or driving to work. Car shoppers are less likely to take the time to go online and search for dealerships when they can simply ask, “Hey Google, where’s the best place to buy a car near me?” or “Where is the nearest Toyota dealership?” and phrases like “Directions to a Ford dealership near me”.

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