5 Shockingly Easy Strategies to Sell More Cars on Your Website!

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[4 Minute Read] ┃ Author: Zak ┃ May 4, 2022


Every business needs a website, and probably every business already has one.


But is that all?


What do you get from your website? Does it convert enough of its visitors? Does it help you sell more cars?


If your website is equipped with the right tools to capture the leads that visit it, then you’re on the right track to doubling your sales faster than you know it.

So, what are the ways you can turn your website into a sales machine?


Let’s discover them!





1. Make Your Website Load Faster:


People don’t like to wait. If your website loads faster than 2 seconds, then your visitors will stay for longer and discover more of your offers.


To make sure your website loads fast, you need to optimize its content.


Although it’s important your images and videos are of high quality, you should make sure they aren’t taking up too much space.


To optimize your images while maintaining their high quality, try a compressor tool such as OptimiZilla.


Plus, if you’d like to display high quality videos of your cars, then you should try hosting them on a different server than your website. For example, try hosting your videos on YouTube or Vimeo and then link to them on your website page.




2. Make Your Visitors’ Experience Smoother:


Your website should be very easy to navigate even for the least savvy people. This means that your call-to-actions must be very clear and to the point.


People should easily be able to find the category of cars they’re looking for. They should be able to sort through your inventory by make, model, year, mileage, price or even color if they wanted to.


It is YOUR job to make your visitors’ journey through your website as easy as it can get if you want them to buy a vehicle from you.




3. Direct Visitors Into Taking the Actions You Want Them to Take:


Having a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website with strong call-to-actions is important if you want to turn your website visitors into customers.


What does any of this mean?


A visitor just came to your website, let’s call him David, he sees your inventory and clicks on a car.


On the vehicle detail page, David sees a lot of buttons. One asks him to schedule a test drive, one asks him to apply for financing, and another asks for his email address to be contacted about the car.


Here is what David will do: nothing.


What do you want David to do? Schedule a test drive, give you his contact information, or apply for financing?


Decide on what you want from him, and ask for that ONE action only.


We aren’t just writing this in an article, every website V12Software / DelaersDigital makes comes equipped with all the bells and whistles needed to help you sell a ton more cars.

Carousel of Website Templates - V12Software

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4. Make Your Visitors Spend More Time on Your Website:


Most people are on their phones nowadays.


In fact, it’s more than just “most” people. 82% of all internet users in the US are using a mobile device.


You get the point.


If your website looks good on mobile, people are more likely to stay on it for longer.




5. Sell to Visitors RIGHT BEFORE They Leave Your Website:


There will always be visitors who leave your website without giving you their contact information. That’s just how it is and there is nothing we can do about it.




There is a way you can capture visitors RIGHT BEFORE they leave your website.


How? Using Exit Banners.


An Exit Banner is a popup that appears when it detects that a visitors’ mouse is going towards the exit button, hence the name.


The popup contains an exclusive offer that is given nowhere else. All the visitors have to do is enter their contact information and they will benefit from the offer.


These offers are usually in the form of discounts, promo codes or even free guides that help car buyers advance in their car-buying journey.


Need a website? Or better yet, need a better website that focuses more on converting your visitors?



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