Top 5 Strategies to Boost Your Sales This Christmas


[3 Minute Read]┃Author: FZ┃December 8, 2022


Christmas and New Year’s are not just one of the most celebrated holidays. They are THE most celebrated holidays in the US. Businesses of all kinds do their best to ramp up their sales during this holiday season and try to close the year with as many sales as possible.


Is your dealership going to do the same?


In this article, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to market your dealership, vehicles, offers and promos to the right customers so that you end the year on a very good note.


    • 1- Add Some Christmas Sparkle to Your Website


One of the first things shoppers do during any holiday season is search for the best online sales and discounts. This is why your dealership website needs to be prepared for this.


To make sure you convert more of this new surge of traffic, here are a few things you can do to liven up your website and let them know you’re running a discount as well:


    • –  Create themed banners for Christmas and display them on your website.
    • –  Add Christmas colors and animated effects to the website.
    • –  Add a cute Santa Claus hat to your logo to make it more festive and fun.



    • 2- Send Christmas Greetings to Past Customers


There’s nothing better than remembering to greet your previous customers. You can wish your customers Happy Holidays by sending them a Christmas card or a Thank You gift right into their mailbox.


Doing this will ensure that your prospects remember you first once they’re ready to finally buy a vehicle.



    • 3- Prepare Your Dealership For The Ho-Ho-Holidays


Get into the Christmas spirit by making your showroom and lot bright, inviting and festive.


    • –  Capture more foot traffic with Holiday decorations outside the dealership. 
    • –  Serve hot chocolate and Christmas cookies to your dealership visitors.
    • –  Hand out freebies as Christmas gifts when prospects walk into your dealership.


Doing this will surely make your dealership more noticeable. People will start coming in simply because it’s a sight to see, and they will talk about your dealership all week long.


Couple that with some hot Christmas offers and you might get some word-of-mouth referrals.



    • 4- Encourage High-Quality Customer Referrals



This strategy takes advantage of both your past and first-time customers as well. Offer everyone a $200 off coupon when they refer their friends or family to your dealership.


To communicate this offer, draft an email encouraging everyone who bought from you in the past to send their friends and family your way. As they know what it’s like doing business with you, they will gladly recommend your business to their loved ones!



    • 5- Run a Good Ol’ Christmas Giveaway


Run a holiday contest with one lucky winner at the end of the holiday season. Whoever buys a car from you during the last month of the year automatically enters the contest.


The prize can be anything like: 


    • –  A free oil change
    • –  A free car wash
    • –  Free tickets to a local event.



This holiday season is a ripe opportunity for automotive dealerships to boost sales, so you need to get creative. The more unique your strategies are, the more you’ll capitalize on this holiday shopping season.


If you’ve got questions, or are interested in professional digital marketing services, we’ve got you covered. Say hello today, we can’t wait to discuss it with you.



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