Sell More Cars With These Valentine’s Day Special Tips



[3 Minute Read]┃Author: Zack┃January 31, 2023


Valentine’s Day is one of the most underrated holidays that dealer must take advantage of. Sales during this holiday alone reached a total of $27.4 Billion in 2020 and are expected to reach even higher numbers in 2023.


In this article, you’ll find 5 actionable strategies that will help your dealership increase its sales during this holiday season.


Here’s everything you’ll be reading in this article to make the most out of this Valentine’s Day:


  1. • Start Early
  2. • Offer Discounts
  3. • Offer Special Deliveries
  4. • Drive Urgency
  5. • Offer Long-Term Financing Plans


1. Start Early


Start offering Valentine’s promos and special offers at least 15 days before February 14th. This way you’ll have enough time to personalize your lot or dealership to fit the occasion.


Keep in mind that some companies, including some big dealerships, start running Valentine’s Day ads in January.


2. Offer Discounts



Discounts simply work. Most people will wait for a holiday season just to see if a business is offering a discount on a product they’re looking for. 


Here are a few marketing ideas to get inspired from:


  • • Offer free gift cards
  • • Offer free car washes
  • • Give cash bonuses for trade-ins


3. Offer Special Deliveries



When a customer is buying a car as a gift to their partner, offer to deliver the vehicle to their doorstep. In fact, your customers will like it even more if you decorate the car in a certain way for them.


Another service you can offer your customers is to delivery it on a certain day of their choosing, maybe even on February 14th.


4. Drive Urgency



No offer should last a lifetime. To make sure your offers drive urgency, always set a clear end date.


Offer a limited inventory or a first-come-first-serve system. And to attract last-minute buyers, use countdown timers in your ads to encourage more clicks and website visits. 


5. Offer Long-Term Financing Plans



Because people usually don’t want to spend a lot of money on occasions such as Valentine’s, there are a few ways you can offer your services and still make more sales.


First, offer them a very low down payment. This will attract buyers who don’t want to spend a lot upfront and would much rather pay for the car later.


Second, offer them a high down payment, but with very low monthly payments. This plan would attract buyers who like to pay small amounts every month.


And finally, offer them to start paying for their vehicle only after 90 days. A lot of people will jump on this offer since they won’t have to start paying for their car right after they’ve put a down payment.




To get the most out of Valentine’s season, you need to think outside the box and outperform your competitors.


One way to do that is by checking what your competitors, or even businesses in other industries, are doing and getting inspired by them.


Whatever the offers you choose to go with, make sure you target the right type of buyers.


So, which of these marketing strategies are you going to use during the upcoming Valentine’s day?

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