5 Incredibly Easy Strategies To Drive Tons Of TikTok Traffic To Your Dealership Website

tiktok for car dealers

[5 Minute Read]┃Author: FZ┃November 24, 2022


TikTok is really popular right now – it is the third-largest of the big five social networks in the world, just behind Facebook and Instagram.


Over the past years, TikTok’s audience has been expanding at an incredible rate. It went from 271 million monthly users in 2018 to 1 billion users as of September 2021, counting for a 269% growth in 3 years.


And that’s not all. 


According to Sensor Tower, an app intelligence company, the monthly time a user spends on TikTok grew by 65% in the US alone. It is growing faster than any other app, even faster than Facebook.


Still think these numbers are not impressive enough? Let me add this:


    • –  TikTok ads reach 1.02 billion adults over the age of 18 each month.
    • –  Users spend an average of 45.8 minutes on TikTok every day vs 33 min on Facebook.
    • –  44% of TikTok users are planning to buy a car within the next 6 months.


These stats can mean only one thing: you must use TikTok for your car dealership, or else you’ll be missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. 


How can your dealership get the most out of TikTok? 


The two main ways to grow your dealership with TikTok are either organically or by running ads. In this blog you’ll learn how to do it organically.


How to use TikTok for your car dealership and drive organic traffic to your website:


TikTok is a goldmine for traffic. If you know how to use it wisely, one link is all you need to turn TikTok into a traffic driving machine. 


Whether you’re looking to get more clicks or more sales, follow these 5 easy ways to drive more traffic from TikTok to your website.


    • 1- Set Up Your Account


Before you can start getting traffic from TikTok, you need to set up your profile. Your TikTok profile should give an idea about who you are at first glance. 


    • –  Use your dealership’s logo as your profile photo. 
    • –  Your name and username should have your dealership name in them. For better visibility, add keywords like “dealership”, “used cars” etc, so it appears on top of search results.
    • –  Briefly introduce your dealership in the bio, and add your dealership website to generate direct traffic. 
    • –  Add a CTA to draw attention to your website. You can use something like “Explore Our Inventory” or “Get Your Used Car Today!”.


tiktok for car dealers


    • 2- Create Inventory Teaser Videos


As human beings, curiosity is in our nature. We like discovering new things and exploring our surroundings. 


With that being said, whenever you’re creating TikTok content to drive traffic to your website, make sure that content is a teaser or a trailer for your inventory. 


    • –  Share 3 cool features about a car in a video, and end it with a CTA to check out the vehicle on your website. 
    • –  Do a tour of the car lot, highlighting some of the newest and most popular models you’re selling.
    • –  Take your followers on a virtual test-drive, and add the vehicle page link in the video caption.





    • 3- Ride TikTok Trends


A lot of dealers think of trends as “oh this too will pass”. This is true, trends do pass, however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow them. 


Pairing up your dealership with a TikTok trend can increase your views, followers and website traffic. It will help you take advantage of the momentum created by that trend and drive awareness and trust to your dealership, therefore maintaining a strong and relevant presence in the eyes of your target audience.


You can also use popular hashtags to help TikTok match your content with interested audiences. This will bring constant traffic when people search the hashtag.


    • 4- Interact With Your Audience


Creating original content is a great way to participate, but smaller actions matter, too. 


Answering your audience questions in the comments area is an important way to get to know what your prospects think. What are they interested in? What do they care about? What are their concerns? Etc.


You can also comment on videos, reply to posts, and follow relevant creators.


tiktok for car dealers



    • 5-  Offer Freebies And Direct To Them


Offering freebies that can only be accessed on your website is an amazing way to drive traffic.


All you need to do is: 


    • –  Create an interesting freebie and make it available on your website. It can be a one-page guide on how to buy a used car for the first time, a coupon code or a free ebook.
    • –  Link to the freebie in your bio on TikTok.
    • –  Create a video that mentions the freebie, and direct people to the link to access it.


Keep in mind that the freebie needs to be valuable and irresistible so that it encourages people to leave the app and visit your website. Otherwise you may just lose potential new fans, who may be annoyed by the additional step.


With these 5 strategies, you’re finally ready to use TikTok for your car dealership and incorporate it in your digital marketing strategy. If you’ve got questions, want to learn more, or are interested in professional digital marketing services, we’ve got you covered. Say hello today! We can’t wait to discuss it with you.




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