4 ways your Dealership can Benefit from a CRM

Benefits of a CRM

The value a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) brings to your dealership is far beyond having a place to store business data. A good CRM should be able to: 

  • Improve the relationship you have with existing customers
  • Help you find new customers
  • Help you win back former customers
  • Assist you in organizing and managing your dealership’s way of working

Listed below are 5 ways a CRM can help you improve your business. 

1. Improved Customer Service

A CRM can help improve the responsiveness your dealership has with leads and customers. Having a CRM that allows your team to add contact information and see historical interactions will lead to informative conversations with your prospects and customers. This decreases a potential customer’s agitation and builds loyalty to your dealership. 

2. Improved Lead Conversions

A CRM that is linked to all your marketing and sales channels can help you manage your inbound leads. Ideally, inbound leads from classifieds, your websites, your social media, or calls should automatically be added to your CRM. This allows your sales team to have a list with all their leads in one place, reducing response time as well as increasing the chance of a conversion. 

3. Simplifies Sales & Marketing 

A CRM that integrates with all your online channels can drastically reduce the time it takes for your employees to complete their tasks. Your marketing team should be able to update your dealership website, post on classifieds and social media directly from your CRM. Additionally, your sales team should be able to respond to inbound messages from your website, social media or text messages from one CRM messaging system. These types of technological integrations can make work easier for your dealership and impact your KPIs. 

4. Improves Internal Team Communication 

Having a CRM that your employees can work with creates effective communication within your dealership. It allows your teams to share customer data with each other, and as a result, increases internal communication and efficiency.

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