It seems like every article about dealership marketing ideas has the same vague. Email marketing. Responsive websites. Social media. These are all well and good, but they aren’t new ideas, they’re the standard (or what should be the standard). So, we put together brilliant and different car dealership marketing ideas. Not every dealership can accomplish all these ideas, but any dealership can be inspired by them.

Whether you are new to the car business or you have been doing it for years, these car salesman tips will help you sell more cars and make more commissions.

These tips and advice touch briefly on the different things that you may have already learned when you were taught how to sell cars at a dealership. Keep these tips for car salesmen handy as a reference and work on the items or areas where you might need some improvement.

  1. Every car buyer is different. No matter who you are trying to sell they all have different backgrounds, budgets, wants, needs and desires. Everyone has different reasons for buying a car, whether it’s a new or used car it’s always about much more than dollars and cents.
  2. Don’t lie to your customers. You don’t have to tell them everything you know but don’t lie to them. If you don’t have the answer to their question, tell them you don’t know and that you will get them an answer. If a customer believes that you have lied to them you will lose their trust and their business.
  3. Don’t bad mouth the other car dealer. They don’t want to hear how bad the car dealer is across town. Maybe they were there earlier today or yesterday and they didn’t buy a car from them. If the other dealer or car salesman was so great, they wouldn’t be talking to you, they would have bought the car from the other dealer.
  4. Know your product. Product knowledge won’t sell cars on its own, but your customer needs to feel comfortable about spending a large amount of money. If they feel that they are working with a car salesman that doesn’t know what they are talking about you are likely to create another “Be Back” and we all know that be backs won’t be back.
  5. The car buyer wants to feel like they are getting a good or at least fair deal. Whether they made a great deal or not they need to feel like they made a good choice. Almost all buying decisions are made with emotion, so the way they feel about you, your dealership, the car, the price or the deal is critical to your success as a car salesman.
  6. Treat all of your customers like they own the dealership. When you treat your customer like they are the best customer you ever had, it will return to you in many ways. They will send their friends and family to buy cars and they will also want to buy more cars from you in the future.
  7. Know your inventory. Whether it is new or used car inventory you should have a good idea of what you have in stock so you can switch them to another car if the need arises. There can be any number of reasons, so knowing what to suggest or show them can put you way ahead of your competition.
  8. Don’t forget the extras. Whether it’s your dealership’s policy or not, you need to sell the extras to earn more incomes. No matter how hard it was to close the sale or how tight the payment was to reach, you might be able to sell them accessories or options.
  9. Follow Up. Follow up on everything whether it is sold new car customers, used car customers, “Be Backs” or customers you sold a year or more ago. Stay in touch through your “CRM” and ask for referrals because these car buyers can provide you with future sales.
  10. The Delivery. The last person your customer sees before they leave the dealer is you. Thank them, show them all about their new car, inspect the car with them and make sure they are happy. The last thing they will remember when they leave is you and the great experience you provided at the car dealership.

These car salesman tips might not help you become the world greatest car salesman, but they will help you sell more cars.


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